Favourite Music Video From Former Student

Here I have looked at previous music videos created by students, chosen my favourite one, and analysed it. This was useful as it gave me some inspiration. I was also able to see areas that could be improved which will help me when making my music video.

  • Technical conventions like lip syncing, editing to the beat, composition & framing

The lip syncing throughout the whole video is very good.The video uses a variety of camera angles such as close ups of the stars face, long shots of the other character on the street, and a point of view shot of the star looking out of the window. Another angle which is used is a 360 degree panning shot around one of the characters. This creates a disorientating effect. The use of several camera angles makes the video interesting to watch.The cuts in the video are well placed and work with the beat.

  • Narrative and performance ratio and the type of narrative has been created?

The narrative and performance ratio in this video is around 50:50. The video is an illustration of the song and follows the lyrics. The narrative focuses on criminal activity and being paranoid about the police.

  • How the star has been represented (values, attitudes & beliefs)?

The star is represented as sad and frustrated. This is shown through the setting which is their bedroom and the stars action. The star is shown with their head down or looking out of the window in several scenes.

  • How has the video been styled, designed, filmed and edited – what have they done to convey that star image and promote the artist?

The video has been filmed in an urban environment which fits the theme of the song which is crime. The video uses several effects such as the distorted colour effect. This is used often throughout the video and creates a chaotic effect.


This task helped me to further understand the conventions of music videos. It was also useful to see how previous students tackled their songs. I t has also helped me gain an idea as to the sort of music video that I want to create.

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