Favourite Music Video From Former Student

Here I have looked at previous music videos created by students, chosen my favourite one, and analysed it. This was useful as it gave me some inspiration. I was also able to see areas that could be improved which will help me when making my music video.

  • Technical conventions like lip syncing, editing to the beat, composition & framing

The lip syncing throughout the whole video is very good.The video uses a variety of camera angles such as close ups of the stars face, long shots of the other character on the street, and a point of view shot of the star looking out of the window. Another angle which is used is a 360 degree panning shot around one of the characters. This creates a disorientating effect. The use of several camera angles makes the video interesting to watch.The cuts in the video are well placed and work with the beat.

  • Narrative and performance ratio and the type of narrative has been created?

The narrative and performance ratio in this video is around 50:50. The video is an illustration of the song and follows the lyrics. The narrative focuses on criminal activity and being paranoid about the police.

  • How the star has been represented (values, attitudes & beliefs)?

The star is represented as sad and frustrated. This is shown through the setting which is their bedroom and the stars action. The star is shown with their head down or looking out of the window in several scenes.

  • How has the video been styled, designed, filmed and edited – what have they done to convey that star image and promote the artist?

The video has been filmed in an urban environment which fits the theme of the song which is crime. The video uses several effects such as the distorted colour effect. This is used often throughout the video and creates a chaotic effect.


This task helped me to further understand the conventions of music videos. It was also useful to see how previous students tackled their songs. I t has also helped me gain an idea as to the sort of music video that I want to create.

Detailed Music Video Analysis

In order to learn more about how music videos use different techniques to communicate meaning I did a detailed analysis of two music videos. I analysed different aspects such as the mise-en-scene, camera techniques, editing and relationship between the star and the narrative.

This activity was very useful as it allowed me to see how different ideas are conveyed in different music videos. This will help me when I make my own music video.

Music Video Form & Conventions

Here we watched four different music videos and analysed various aspects of them such as the Mise En Scene, subject matter/ themes and type of structure i.e: illustration, amplification or disjuncture.

This activity was useful as it taught me how to un pick music video to understand their meaning and themes. I t also taught me that there are various types of music videos. Some clearly tell the story that the lyrics provide, some closely represent the song by showing similar themes, whilst other are completely unrelated.

Here are the music videos I chose:

Preliminary Task: Mood Montage

To begin my new project I decided to create a montage to begin practicing my filming and video editing skills.
I joined a group with James and Charlotte. We were then given a list of adjectives to chose from which would determine the theme of our montage. We chose lonely/ lost and more specifically decided to portray the feelings and emotions involved when losing your phone in today’s society.

The first step was to understand what a montage is. We did this by looking at multiple examples of montages.

The next step was to plan the filming. We did this by creating a story board in which we drew the different scenes we wanted in the montage. It was important that there was no continuity or story shown in the montage.

The storyboard was very useful when filming as we knew which shots to film and which angles to use.

Do you think your montage has an impact?

I believe that the montage conveys the theme of loneliness well, and does this through the use of several shots such as long shots of James looking into the distance and the repeated shot of the lost phone. The background used also conveys the sense of loneliness.


Do you get a sense of feeling or story / relationship?

I feel that there is a sense of loneliness created through this montage created through the various shots and background music. I also feel  the montage captures the relationship between the character and the phone. This is created through shots that repeatedly cut from character to the phone.


How does one specified cuts create meaning?

I think that the specific scene at 0:27 ,where the character is looking out of the window at the rain, creates a strong sense of loneliness and shows the characters vulnerability and sadness.


Is there a sense of progression or are you trying just to reflect an experience?

I feel that due to the random order of the shots, there is no progression in the montage. Instead, the montage reflects a general theme.


Do you use repetition of some shots? If so, how do they help communicate your idea?

Throughout the montage we used many repeated shots. One example is the repeated shot of the lost phone. This was done to communicate the idea of it being lost.


What additional shot would you have liked to get to further communicate the idea?

I would have liked to have added more close up shots of the characters face to convey more of the characters emotion.


This task allowed me to gain a further understanding as to how film can create meaning, which will be useful in the future when producing my music video.


Here are the adverts that I have selected for my music magazine.

In order to select these adverts I looked back to my audience profile and dating profile. This gave me an idea as to what interests and hobbies my audience has. I also considered Blumlar and Katz’s uses and gratification theory. This means that the adverts must reflect their personal identity and must provide entertainment and education to the audience.
By doing this I found that my audience were interest in guitars, formula 1 racing and concerts. Because of this I chose these two adverts:

  • Fender guitar advertisement
  • Formula 1 “Grand Prix du Canada”

I feel that these adverts are well suited to my audience and would interest them. The guitar advert works well as many of the audience may play guitar or br inspired to start playing it after reading the magazine. The formula 1 advert works well as there was a strong overlap of grunge fans and formula 1 racing fans that I found through my research on YouGov.

A new and improved complete magazine draft

Here is my final version of my music magazine: Vital

Overall I am pleased with my outcome and feel that I have portrayed my genre well through the design of the magazine and produced an article that gets the audiences attention. I also feel that my magazine strongly reflects my mission statement:

Vital aims to reflect on the legends from the origin of grunge and show the importance they had on modern music as well as  shed light on the grunge bands of today and express the raw energy within the  grunge genre.

Front Cover:

Changes made:

  • I made on e final change which was to change the font in the bug in the top right corner as well as change the colour of it to red. This font and colour suites the rest of the cover better and overall improves the aesthetic of the magazine cover.

Contents Page:

Changes made:

  • I firstly moved the contents title to the left of the page and enlarged it. This got rid of some of the empty space.
  • I then moved the “Vital” logo to below the title.
  • I changed the colour of the box containing the features and removed the lines that separated each feature. I feel that changing the colour to red matched the rest of the magazine better and worked better with my genre.
  • I also moved my original image around slightly so that not all of the body is visible. I also added another image. I feel that the addition of another image makes the contents page much more interesting and less empty.

Double Page Spread:

No additional changes were made to my double page spread as I felt I had already achieved the finished product in this area and had nothing else I wanted to add or change.