Here are the adverts that I have selected for my music magazine.

In order to select these adverts I looked back to my audience profile and dating profile. This gave me an idea as to what interests and hobbies my audience has. I also considered Blumlar and Katz’s uses and gratification theory. This means that the adverts must reflect their personal identity and must provide entertainment and education to the audience.
By doing this I found that my audience were interest in guitars, formula 1 racing and concerts. Because of this I chose these two adverts:

  • Fender guitar advertisement
  • Formula 1 “Grand Prix du Canada”

I feel that these adverts are well suited to my audience and would interest them. The guitar advert works well as many of the audience may play guitar or br inspired to start playing it after reading the magazine. The formula 1 advert works well as there was a strong overlap of grunge fans and formula 1 racing fans that I found through my research on YouGov.

A new and improved complete magazine draft

Here is my final version of my music magazine: Vital

Overall I am pleased with my outcome and feel that I have portrayed my genre well through the design of the magazine and produced an article that gets the audiences attention. I also feel that my magazine strongly reflects my mission statement:

Vital aims to reflect on the legends from the origin of grunge and show the importance they had on modern music as well as  shed light on the grunge bands of today and express the raw energy within the  grunge genre.

Front Cover:

Changes made:

  • I made on e final change which was to change the font in the bug in the top right corner as well as change the colour of it to red. This font and colour suites the rest of the cover better and overall improves the aesthetic of the magazine cover.

Contents Page:

Changes made:

  • I firstly moved the contents title to the left of the page and enlarged it. This got rid of some of the empty space.
  • I then moved the “Vital” logo to below the title.
  • I changed the colour of the box containing the features and removed the lines that separated each feature. I feel that changing the colour to red matched the rest of the magazine better and worked better with my genre.
  • I also moved my original image around slightly so that not all of the body is visible. I also added another image. I feel that the addition of another image makes the contents page much more interesting and less empty.

Double Page Spread:

No additional changes were made to my double page spread as I felt I had already achieved the finished product in this area and had nothing else I wanted to add or change.

Complete magazine drafts (3)

Here are all of the drafts of my magazine so far:





So far I think the overall magazine is looking okay but there are certain aspects which I am not fully satisfied with yet. I would like to continue to develop the contents page and maybe experiment with changing the colours, images and overall layout of the page. however I am happy with the “contents” title. I feel that the front page is almost finished and there are no drastic changes needed aside from replacing the placeholder text. I need to continue to develop my DPS by adding the article and experimenting with different layouts and designs.

A new improved contents page

Here is my second draft next to my first draft. As you can see I have made several changes to the layout and I have added several new features.


What I have changed:

  • Firstly I added a sub heading called features for which I used white writing in a black box to make it stand out.
  • I also changed the layout of the features by adding lines in between each page. This helped make the features more clear.
  • I added a small copy of my masthead/logo to the left of my “contents” title.
  • Finally I added a drop shadow to my star image, which I feel makes them stand out more.

Peer Assessment:

I think that the layout of the title and features is good as they are bold and easy to read. I like the brick background and I think it matches your genre well. I think that you could use a better image or add more images.


  • Firstly I want to change the colours used as I don’t think they work with my genre very well. I think red would be much more suited and would match my front cover.
  • I need to experiment with the layout as there are currently lots of empty spaces
  • Finally I want to add some more images to give the page more variety.

Draft of contents page

cHere is my first draft of my contents page. I used this draft to experiment with layouts, images,. colours and fonts. I used placeholder text to get an idea of the layout.

What I like:

  • I like the blue colour scheme and I think it works well with the models clothing
  • I like the white background as it adds texture to the background rather than it being plain white. It also works well with the blue.
  • I think the bold page numbers going down the page look good.

How could I improve it?:

  • I could improve this draft by adding a smaller version of my logo/ masthead. This would help fill some of the empty space.
  • I could also experiment with adding some more images on the page
  • I would like to experiment with adding some shadow behind the model in order to make it look less flat and two dimensional.

Overall I think this first draft is close two being finished in terms of colours, fonts and layout; but with the inclusion of the things I mentioned the page should be as good as possible.

A new and improved DPS

Below is my new and improved DPS:

Old Draft:

New Draft:

What I have changed:

  • Firstly I added a white box on the right and lowered the opacity. I did this to make the article easier to read.
  • I changed the angle of the headline so that it was in ordinary straight format. I did this because I feel it looked better with the new background.
  • I also changed the layout of the article to fit the page better.
  • Finally I added the article and changed the headline. I also added a subheading to draw in the reader.

Overall I feel satisfied with this design and feel that the changes I have made have significantly increased the quality of the double page spread.

Draft of double page spread

What are the key features of a double page spread?

  • The Image
  • Stand first- introduction to the article
  • Drop capital- larger first letter of a paragraph
  • Quotes- from stars etc
  • Headline-
  • By line- who the articles by
  • Columns- small spacings used to split up the text.

Here is my first draft of my double page spread:

What I like:

  • I really like the image and I think it works very well on the double page spread
  • I think the layout works
  • I like the use of the drop capital at the start of the article

What can be improved:

  • I need to change my headline to either a quote or alliteration etc
  • I could add some other images around the spread



Hearing feedback from my peers was very useful in identifying the good aspects of my first draft as well as what could be improved.


  • My first focus in the new draft is to make a new headline which is more enticing to the audience.
  • I may also experiment using another image that captures my theme more.
  • I would also like to add some other small images around the article to break up the text.


Second shoot contact sheets and evaluation

Here is the contact sheet for my second shoot:


These are 3 of my favorite photos from the shoot:


I liked this photo firstly due to the inclusion of both of the stars. I also like the poses of the stars as it portrays them as casual and  layed back which is a common characteristic of grunge stars.  I also like the brick and glass background as the murky colours, caused by the old bricks and moss, give the photo a strong grunge feel. I also think this photo would be perfect for a double page spread due to the space around the stars.


I liked this photo firstly because of the grand stone staircase covered in moss which fits very well with the aesthetic of my genre. I also like this photo as I feel it tells a story about the star. The low angle used makes the star look important  but the wide angle as well as the stars stance makes him look lonely. This photo could be edited to remove the building in the background which are currently quite distracting.

I like this image firstly because of the mise-en-scene of the star which I feel is very compelling and suited to the genre. I also like the location with the grand stone stairs, trees and grey sky. The low angle used gives the star a sense of power and importance. Unfortunately, due to the star being in the middle of the image it may not be suitable for the double page spread. This is because the crease between the two pages would distort the star.

Overall I think the shoot went to plan. I feel I was able to achieve some good quality photos that evoke my genre of grunge. During the shoot I had to work quickly to avoid the bad weather conditions. Despite this I feel the wet conditions and grey skies  improved the photos and gave them a grunge aesthetic. During the photo shoot I tried to take advantage of the large stone stairs and statues that are prominent around Candie gardens. One of my favorite shots shows the two models standing on the grand stairs and I used a low angle looking upwards at the models. Another photo that I think was successful was the ones using the greenhouse as the background. The contrast between the brick and the glass works well and evokes my genre very well.

Displaying IMG_3017.JPG

Draft feature article

The article is a very important aspect of the magazine as it is one of the main reasons as to why people buy the magazine. Because of this it is important that I refer to AIDA. It should create Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. It also must reflect Blumlar and Katz, uses and gratification to ensure that I meet the needs of my target audience.

Here is my draft feature article:

In order to ensure that the article is smooth and there are no spelling or grammatical errors I recorded myself reading the article:


  • I need to add more detail as to how the two met and how the band started
  • I need to change the ending so it. has a better conclusion
  • There are some grammatical errors to fix