September 14

So…Hello Media Studies!

Since starting Media Studies I’ve learnt how to create my own blog and also how to upload and edit on it. This will be a transferable skill that I can use in my adult life for example when I move on to working potentially using a blog/computer. This has also expanded my creativity because I’m now able to customise my blog and personalise headers, create categories etc. I’ve also learnt what engages with the audience when creating a poster, and I will be using these techniques when creating my music magazine: Social Identity, Personal Identity, Entertainment and Information.

Before starting Media Studies I could only really use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc not creating a blog and editing photos and now a window of opportunity has been opened and now my range of skills are being widening each lesson. These transferable skills will be a major benefit for me especially when continuing with my media projects. When creating my magazine cover everything will be there for a reason by using semiotics, different fonts, colours and camera angles in order to attract my target audience.

Many technical skills I hope to learn involve applications like InDesign, PremierPro and Photoshop in order to allow my music magazine to reach its full potential. I will learn skills such as presentation designing, computer, desktop and directing skills by using these editing tools. I have also learnt some wider transferrable skills too for example presentation, team work and tenacity.

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