October 8

So…How can an image communicate meaning?

Images can communicate meaning in many ways, framing and mise en scene can represent people, places and things.

Mise en scene can change the entire meaning of the image, key elements are used in order to create the desired effect. Costume sets the attitude and vibe of the model. Lighting can be either high key, which is when the lighting used is natural and bright, or low key lighting which sets a moody and mysterious atmosphere. Acting represents the message they are trying to convey. Makeup is linked to costume and creates the overall image of the model. From props to setting every aspect of mise en scene is crucial in order to set the correct scene for your target audience.

Framing is also used which includes camera angles and the distance of the shot. Close ups enable the facial expression of the model to be clearly shown whereas long shots show distance and represent isolation. Furthermore, images taken from above show the model’s vulnerability  whereas an image taken from below could mark the model’s dominance and authority.

I can now use these skills when taking my photo for my magazine cover and in future work in order to target to my audience and create the correct representation of my model and magazine.


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