October 12

My Copy of Professional Magazine Front Page




  • Here I have created a recreation of the NME magazine. Firstly, I was able to manipulate photographs including cropping and resizing the image. Unfortunately, the woman in the middle’s arm was not easily cropped as her jumper sleeve was pale so blended into the background when I went to snip the image and copy it into the cover.
  • Moreover, I was able to integrate my image, illustration and text as accurately as possible. This is where I struggled as it was difficult to find the perfect font for the main cover lines and smaller fonts.
  • Furthermore, I followed the colour scheme of the original page as best as I could. I was also able to follow my lick and stick analysis of the conventions of layout and page design as an overall guide for my magazine cover.

Here I am going to list what I did well and what I can improve on including links to how I can improve on these skills.

Things I have done well:

  • It was quite simple to find similar fonts to the original and I was able to recognise if the original font had son serif or serif then chose the font accordingly.
  •  I didn’t find it challenging to move around the text and place it where it was in the original as I have done this before in a typical word document so found this simple.
  • I was able to match the font colours well as I know how to manipulate and choose a similar colour to the original.

Things I need to work on:

  • The flow of the text, eg making sure it isn’t hyphenated
  • How to place images correctly using InDesign

  • Finally, how to wrap the text from an image in InDesign

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