November 15

So… I am ready to photograph my star!

After lots of preparation I have now learnt enough about the camera and mise en scene to be able to communicate my brand ideas. I am now ready to photograph my star for my front cover, the contents page and double-page spread.  For my front cover photo I will be choosing a mid shot of my model , this will mean the main focus will be on my main cover stars face and their eye contact will draw in the audience. Also I need to choose a photo for my double page spread potentially one that is not a mid shot to give my magazine some variation.

The mise en must be fitting to the genre too, for example if my model was wearing a hair band on her wrist I would ask her to take it off. Makeup is usually necessary when creating mise en scene of your star but in my case my genre is Britpop and I have a male model so therefore makeup is not required.

Achieving the correct lighting is also really important. By using high key lighting this allows the image to be clear and bright which is what you want from a professional looking magazine image, whether that be on the front cover or inside on a double spread. Furthermore, I am going to take lots of photos at many different angles in order to show variation of my shots and if one doesn’t work out as well as I thought I have many other options available.

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