January 5

Design Skills 1

  • On InDesign I have learnt many new techniques, one of them is being able to change the font case and size using a shortcut rather than manually changing the metrics on the top tool bar. Firstly, you right click then scroll down to font then change the pt to your choice. This technique is especially useful when you only need to change/highlight certain parts of text eg my page numbers on the left side of my contents page are larger than my features information text so they stand out to the audience.

  • Above you can see another design skill I’ve learnt using InDesign. I had an idea to add the ‘contents’ text above the records in the top left hand corner but I had to rotate the text so that it aligned with the angle of the records. To do this I clicked on the text box and found the cursor with the curved arrow and they I tweaked the text so it was lined up with the rest of the records.


  • Finally, I used the spot healing tool on Photoshop to remove any blemishes or redness on my model’s face. To do this I selected the spot healing tool on the toolbar on the left side of the screen and then adjusted the size of the healing tool so I could pinpoint conceal any spots or blemishes and smooth over the skin to create a flawless base for my model’s skin. It is important to get the skin flawless to portray the correct star image of an idealistic celebrity with perfect skin. This relates back to the britpop genre, personally I would have kept the blemishes to fit this genre of the laid back, imperfect persona of the britpop genre. However, the blemishes are distracting so I decided to cover them and smooth over the skin to create a idealistic star image.




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