January 5

Design Skills 2

  • Above, you can see how I have changed the brightness and contrast on my front cover page using Photoshop. I did this by selecting Image on the top tool bar they selected Adjustments then Brightness and Contrast. This enables the depth to be intensified and as you can see below creates  a more 3-dimensional look to the otherwise flat image.

  • Furthermore, the brightness and contrast scale is adjustable and depending on how high or low you change these to they can create very different looks. For example if I implied a higher brightness and a lower contrast it would make my star image look angelic. Contrastingly, I have opted against this as it doesn’t fit my genre of britpop’s aesthetic. I have decided to add a higher contrast and a lower brightness to achieve this grungy, dark and moody look that reflects the britpop genre more accurately and adds to the moody, laid-back and rustic vibe of the genre.

  • Finally, I have used the cut out tool on Photoshop to be able to separate my star image from their background. This allows me to move him around and place him where I want him to go without his background that was used on shoot (in this case a white background). To cut him out I went around the image with a looped looking tool in order to cut him out and then all you have to do is delete the background by selecting it then pressing backspace.

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