January 5

Feedback and Targets on all pages from teacher – Screen Castify

Click on the video in order to watch it.

By doing this Screen Castify with my teacher Mrs Cobb I am now able to look back and curate targets for myself and all my posts.

These include:


  • adding more insets pugs and plugs on my front cover page
  • make a background for my front cover possibly the blue netting on Ollie’s coat and have fun with it on Photoshop so the white background doesn’t look as flat play on transparency to make it pop
  • make the barcode on my front cover smaller
  • add addition and month details
  • add the word indie or britpop


  • picture of editor or a signature
  • who are the models eg band caption it etc
  • make the photos at an angle
  • put the contents text lower on the cd covers
  • play with photos white borders
  • add transparency


  • make the stand first font bigger
  • another drop capital later on
  • be careful where the staple might be in the centre of writing
  • see if caption is better on one side or the other
  • picture on the top right needs a caption
  •  italicised quotes o back in pixelaeted font

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