January 7

So… How’s It Going?

Overall I believe that my brand is clearly reflected in the design of my three pages by the use of:

  • Font: my fonts fit the genre of britpop throughout the three pages I have created. One of them is called ‘British Pop Music’ and this is used as my magazine running logo ‘storm’
  • Images: the images that I have used show the models as moody and grungy which is appropriate to their star image and my genre of britpop
  • Colours The colours that I have chosen to use are fitting to my genre as they are red, white and blue which are, as we know, the colours of the british flag, also my cover stage is wearing red white and blue which helps tie those colours into my magazine.

Posted 7th January 2018 by carneyshackleton in category Creative Critical Reflection Comp 1

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