January 8

Language Analysis

‘Q Magazine (Sept 1 2017), Cash For Questions This Month: Alt J, Paul Stokes’

  • The structure of the article has a Q&A style
  • The reader is not aware of the presence of journalist. You can tell this because each question has been submitted by a reader eg ‘Amy Tilson, Broughton’. These are shown in the red text underneath each question. This creates an impactful connection between the audience/readers of the magazine and the magazine itself. It creates a bond so the reader will go back to reading this same magazine again.
    • Certain colloquial words are used to create a relatable impression towards the band ,such as the laid back conversational style of Q&A
    • The mode of address is how the journalist is speaking to the audience, but in this article it is the band talking to the audience as they are answering questions rather than an article in the third person about them 
    • The whole article is made up of quotes which are used to portray Alt J as a relatable, laid back group 
    • The reader should experience a connection with the band and now have more knowledge about them as a result of reading the article because it is full of fresh information that the band have exposed during this Q&A style article, they should also experience a sense of satisfaction as their questions have now been answered


  • CONCLUSION:Paul Stokes represents the band as relatable and laid back. This is shown when unavailing the bands humble beginnings and their nerdy vibe that they present to their listeners. This is proven when Gus Unger-Hamilton is asked what the worst thing he did in school was he confesses to copying his friends homework and then goes on to state ‘I am aware that has done nothing is dispel our nerdy image’.


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