January 26


Above is an advert that I have chosen to put within my magazine. I chose this ‘Expedia’ advert for my Britpop magazine as the target audience of my magazine is young adults seeking a thrill for life so they would be likely to book a holiday especially with a quick and easy website based travel agent. The words used on the advert: ‘sun’ , ‘sea’, ‘snd’ and ‘sex’ would appeal to my target audience as this is probably what they would be looking for in a holiday as they are young adults looking to get away from home with friends. The font used is similar to that of many album covers of the Britpop genre. They have used the conventional ‘boarding pass’ font, this connotes ideas of travel and creating memories. Many young adults reading my magazine would be likely to be going away to festivals. Again, these words used give the impression that this is what will occur during their trip.

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Within this advert, a vintage look is being portrayed which caters for my target audience. This is because they like to reminisce and appreciate old music, such as my cover star Ollie Brun does, he talks about this in his interview how his influences include The Beatles for example. The black and white colour scheme corresponds with my simple red, white, blue, white and black.


I used yougov.co.uk to relate back to my target audience, this allowed me to find out Britpop listeners interest and what they watch and what they like to do.

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