February 1

So how did it go?

So, throughout this experience I have learnt a multitude of new software skills such as Indesign and Photoshop; which I had never used before. In addition to this I have required new skills that are specifically exclusive to Media Studies but have also learnt many other IT skills that are applicable to many other subjects, one example being that I take Film Studies so editing videos and photos are alot easier now.

Furthermore, the production of my music magazine has taught me how to attract my target audience in a variety of ways. These being ideas such as mise-en-scene and camera angles. Now I am aware of the importance of how every aspect of a photo must work together in order to convey a certain narrative or star image.

Moreover, when beginning to use both InDesign and Photoshop I had to experiment with different fonts, colour schemes and layouts. I had to ensure that all of these aspects were working together well in order to portray my chosen genre.

In addition, the feedback I have received, from both my teacher and my peers, throughout making my magazine, has been very important as it has helped me to develop my magazine further and broaden my skill set. Getting feedback was essential in improving my magazine as sometimes you are not able to spot a typo for example or you may feel attached it it and don’t think there is anything you can change about it.

Overall, I am really happy with how my music magazine turned out. I have worked hard, listened to feedback and done the appropiate research into my genre in order to create a reakistic magazine, to conclude I do believe my final product conveys my brand well.


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