May 3

Specsavers Creative Team Feedback

In our last lesson, a professional Cinematographer :Lenny Lenfesty, from Specsavers came in to our lesson and gave us feedback on our pitch. Hollie-Mae and I told him our ideas and he advised us by showing us how to edit in post-production using various effects that we were not aware of before the session so this has really elevated our video to the next level.

This advice from a member of the Specsavers Creative Team was incredibly helpful as he taught us many editing skills and techniques that we will use in the making of our video.

We also shared our ideas about the narrative segment of our video with Lenny and he then suggested some ideas to help expand it. So therefore we now have a better idea of how we are going to execute our edit.  For example, we mentioned to him that we wanted to portray the outside world as dull and grey then when we portrayed the chaos inside her head as bright and colourful, he loved this idea and showed us how to execute these ideas in post-production.


One of the post-production editing techniques that Lenny showed us was speed duration and blending adjustments when overlapping to layers at one time. This was quite challenging as there is quite a few steps but we are interested in using it for our video.  Below is a video tutorial on YouTube that we can reference if we need to.

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