May 16

Performance Rough Cut – Draft 1

Here is the simple compilation of or ‘best bits’ and varied, different shots we were able to get during our performance, so there is no music as none of it is meant to be lip synced. This task  enabled us to get a variety of  different types of shots we have and analyse which shots were useless and unusable due to any issues with aspects such as lighting or there may have been an item in the background that shouldn’t have been there.

Overall I found that we both worked well as a team. Proof is this is for example, if one of us did not like the shot we would both decide what the best shot would be.

What went well:

  • Our star image was conventional to our genre. Also we made sure we were paying attention to little details such if she had a hairband on her wrist. We also made sure the makeup was strong and bright in order to portray the fact that she has no fear of standing out or being bold
  • The location was good as it helps to show of that idea of a free place and goes with the message of our song.
  • The acting was good because even if there was a point where there was something that could be seen as distracting to the performer they kept going with the song.

Targets for next time

  • Experimenting with some more technical angles and camera techniques. Although we do have a good variety of shots it would benefit us to use more.
  • Be more organised, we would benefit from making a group chat with both me and my group and anyone else who will be apart of the music video; this will make it easier to communicate.

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