May 16

Shoot Reflection (Performance)

Evaluation of Performance shoot:

  • On our shoot, we went to multiple locations; mostly steps within town area as this gave us many options for different angles of shots eg above and below and jump cuts
  • We carried equipment together such as the camera, tripod, shot lists, lyric sheets and lighting.
  • Whilst setting up shots me and Hollie-Mae both checked that we were happy with how it looked through the camera; for example checking if there wasn’t any wasted space and that it well framed well and in focus.
  • We worked well together and our model was very co operative and listened to our advice and even thought of some of her own which was very good.
  • Marguerite did her makeup at home before the shoot which was very helpful as it saved time and gave us more time to shoot.


  • Half way through we had to get a new battery as our camera wasn’t charged up from the last person who used it; it took up a bit of our time so would be better if we made sure we had a spare fully charged battery.
  • We should bring a spare SD card or make sure it has enough space or has a high enough storage to last the whole shoot as when we shot our SD card was very close to running out.
  • Getting a clear lip sync of the very beginning of the song was not a strong part of the performance as our performer was getting into the song so whilst editing we could place narrative visuals.




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