May 16

Star Image Planning

To refresh ourselves with what our star image consisted of, we created a slide on Google Slides that includes images that present the star in the particular way that we want. For example, we have researched the meta-narrative of the star that shows her tweets, fashion and images that present her in an edgy, experimental yet youthful way. Our star will be represented to be a psychotic and on edge as a person however is emotionally affected by the trauma that comes with murdering your boyfriend. In result, her image is shown through mainly emotive shots; such as a close up of her reaction, whether this be in her evil plotting stage or the tragic aftermath of her feeling remorse.
Below, I have also created a moodboard on Pinterest that consists of various images that she has posted on her Instagram, album posters and magazine covers. This variety of media that she is displayed on suggests her popularity and how famous she is. This selection of images also demonstrates Billie’s style and laid back natural approach to her music, as she is still so young.


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