June 20

New Storyboard (PMA)


  • Above, we have created a new storyboard for any additional shots we needed , it’s crucial to plan our narrative shoot to ensure it runs smoothly. By doing this it will help give us a clear break down of what the different shots we need to get, meaning that we will not wonder into our narrative shot blindly and this should ensure we gather enough footage and will not struggle when it comes to editing.
  • When creating this storyboard we made sure we paid attention to all the little details we are going to have. For example the first shot is for our narrative is going to be an establishing shot of the mirror, on the mirror we will have an invitation attached to a mirror, even though it is not essential to the narrative it helps give some context.

    Having done this task it gave us a good idea of different aspects that we need to consider such as location, makeup, clothing, angles and so on; it has set a clear outline of how we want the shoot to go. Now we have a clear plan to follow and prevent any unnecessary time procrastinating on what to do next.

    It’s extremely important to have a variety of different shots in order to keep the audience engaged and involved with the video, if it was all filmed in medium long shots this would become very boring and disinterest the audience very quickly. Close ups allow the emotions of the shots to be prevalent and therefore allows the audience to create a connection with the paradox of the star and these intense close up shots could potentially break the fourth wall. Whereas long shots establish the scene and give the audience a sense of context.



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