July 12

Music Video Draft 4

Here is our draft four of our music video that we have constantly been tweaking and editing to create the best version that we can possibly make. What has changed in this video is that we have finally filled in the blanks so that we have a completed video from start to finish. We have also looked again at the knife shots as we are aware that these needed to be added in order for the narrative to be cohesive and make sense.

Below we have feedback of one of our peers assessing our draft four of what she likes and dislikes about the music video, so we have created a ScreenCastify to capture her discussing her views and opinions of the video.

Targets for Improvement:-

  • a few cliches eg party rings but adds well to the colour scheme of the video
  • colour contrast eg yellow eyeshadow and yellow filter maybe too much? contrast the colours more?
  • lip syncing slightly off, ammend that
  • edit more to the beat so it’s more aesthetically pleasing to the audience
  • you can see people walking past in the reflection of the shower glass shot so cut this out


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