July 12

Production Skills Evaluation 2

  • In order to create a red filter layer to the video you firstly go into Effects Controls and locate the Lumetri Colour setting, after doing this you must adjust the RGB curves to however you wish, for us we decided to choose a red filter as it portrays the character as dangerous and unpredictable. To adjust the hue saturation curves you just need to click on the white circle setting and adjust to preference, this way you can create a hue filter in whatever colour you want. On the other hand, you can use the grid and move the red line in order to adjust the saturation and within our video we upped the saturation three times in order to intensify the colour.

  • Above you can see that for all of the memory flashbacks we decided to use a specific filter to create a retro vibe to the video, to do this we used the filter SL Gold Tobacco (Canon 7D) on all these memory shots. By doing this we were able to determine to the audience that our main female character was having memory flashbacks, it has a sepia, orange toned filter which suggests looking back in time.
  • To get this effect you go into Presets then Lumetri Presets and I personally went into Canon 7D and chose SL Gold Tobacco but there are lots of options depending on what atmosphere you want to create

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