October 4

Digipak Moodboard



This is our moodboard which represents the themes and ideas we want to represent in our digipak. This is a collage that incorporates denotations and cultural codes. Cultural codes such as the colour scheme being purple, lime green and animal prints. These colours and patterns are usually associated with vibrancy and fun, these connotations relate to our genre of indie pop/electropop.  These colours are very flamboyant and compliment each other and our genre very well.


Effective imagery is crucial in order to create a cohesive vibe to the digipak and video. The eyes and reconstructed face connotes a sense of  edginess and relate to our genre well. It has an artsy aesthetic about it and the repetition of the eye gives an effective look to the digipak.  We have included different textures to make the moodboard stand out more such as tissue paper, textured material and mesh. Our mood board incorporates modern and vibrant looking imagery such animal prints, which are currently a trend at the moment, this also connotes the idea of our star being wild and crazy like an animal. But we have also incorporated classic clean designs of  images such as the sea landscape and plant image.


Before we did our moodboard we created a Pinterest page that had colour schemes, images and related pictures and imagery that helped us think up and visualize our hands on moodboard.It is important to create a moodboard that embodies the brand and vibe of what you want your brands digi pak to look like as it gives inspiration and sparks off other creative ideas.

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