October 4

Feedback on mock up and targets


After creating my digipack mock up me and my partner went around with a list of genres and adjectives and asked people which genre they think it most resembles and which adjective describes it best. The options for genre were energeric, sad, happy, angry, fun, edgy, unique/quirky, colourful and calming. The majority of people chose the adjectives edgy, unique and quirky. This was very good and the result and vibe we wanted. This shows us that the conventions of bright colours have made our product easily identifiable as the electropop genre. Therefore this tells us that in our final product the design style that we are going for is on the right track and only some major changes, mainly to our main cover star.

Furthermore we gave people the option to choose from these genres: rock, heavy metal, pop, kpop, electropop, indie pop, alternative rock, rap and r ‘n’ b. Most people thought that it was either punk or electropop or indie pop this is helpful as it shows us that our genre is recognizable within our product but it can be mixed up with other genres that have similar aspects easily, therefore in the actual product we will have to add more conventional alternative rock themes so that it would be more clearly identifiable.


  • Add more conventional electropop themes and ideas.
  • Stick with the vibrant colour scheme as it suggests the genre of Electropop.
  • Improve on the mise-en-scene, maybe add a costume with vibrancy and add props also to establish genre.

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