October 8

Production Skills Evaluation 3

Below are some examples of production skills I have learnt whilst creating the digipak, these consisted of using applications such as InDesign and Photoshop:

Above you can see I have adjusted the saturation levels of this colourful and vibrant image of Marguerite. To do this you must first go into Edit then Colours then Curves. You are able to adjust the levels by clicking and pulling the graph lines to your desired effect and the image changes whilst you play around with the graphed line.

Above is the seperation of the head to the neck stage. I was able to use the scissor cutting tool in order to create an outline and cut the head out. This is not the final image, as you can see we played around with different effects, firstly we tried an all red block of colour for the brain to represent anger and passion and then tried again with an effect we made including a blue washed background with golden swirls. We decided against both of these and created another more brushed effect for the final product which we used on the background too.


Here it is below:

As you can see this brush effect consists of colours such as green, blue, purple and slight orange tinges. On the right I have added an image of the colour selection swatch palette. I have selected the exact shade of purple I decided to use within the background, I used the brush tool to apply this which worked effectively as it created a brush stroke like effect and has a psychedelic look to it with paintbrush like strokes.

Finally, I managed to edit Marguerite’s eyes for the digipak front cover. I used many different colours and thicknesses whilst using the paint brush tool. Some effects were edited on freehand, for example the pink swiggle in the front of the left eye whereas the fine circle fencing looking filter can be brushed on automatically which your colour of choice, I went for baby blue on the left eye and a darker blue on the right.




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