October 26

Web Page Draft 1


teacher feedback:

  • good composition with the word videos being under her eyes, such a grabbing image maybe add it to call to action instead as it would be more impactful?
  • not a fan of the hands, random
  • fan of psycho light drawing, mayne include this in the digipak
  • confused by social media links and where to listen, maybe seperate
  • enjoys the playlists, not a fan of the composition, sharpen layout
  • dont use the psycho background again behind the video
  • tickets, dont use rsvp and rickets, buying not inviting
  • where in san fransico? be more specific
  • merch page is effective as it’s so light, layout doesn’t fit with background, a bit clunky
  • be careful with positioning and make merch page more elegant



Posted 26th October 2018 by carneyshackleton in category Web Page

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