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Please click on the image above to view the previous student’s website.

Here, I have chosen this previous student’s website for the ‘star’ Ama Lou because her as an artist is a similar genre to my star. This website displays professional qualities yet has a simplistic style. In terms of the users’ experience for the site, the navigation bar has been placed at the very top of the page, this is the simplest and most conventional way for a the bar to be positioned. This is so it is as a clear as possible so that the user doesn’t get confused and so t won’t cause predictable pleasure- this may make them go off of the website. A particular feature that I think works excellently is how they have made the text red depending on what page you are on, this enables more clarity and gives off a very simple but clever effect as shown below.

In terms of the main area of focus on the home page, which is the button which is large and says ‘WATCH FULL VIDEO FOR TBC HERE’, this call to action has been made quite large in order to instantly capture their attention to it- to then click on it and gain their interest, therefore gaining another view for the video. The large image behind the call to action is very clear and professional-looking, the positioning of the star is very powerful due to her looking in the direction of the call to action. This is highly effective as it guides the audiences eyes towards this text, thereofre making it for likely for them to click it. It draws the viewer’s attention to the button because it’s almost as if she’s looking at it and makes them interested to see what it is. Furthermore, the star is breaking the fourth wall which makes her look enticing, and the audience feel like they are friendly with the star and have a personal connection and relationship with her. This also relates to the paradox of the star and shows us that she is extraordianry in her talent yet relatable like everyone else.

Most of the information I was able to find out about the star was mainly on the page labeled ‘BIO’ which is a shortened word for biography. The layout design of this particular page is clever as they have kept the same background, but when you click on the tab for the page, a paragraph of writing drops in from the top and tells you the basic information about her. Apart from the BIO page there is no other personal information, this suggests a sense of mysterious and infers that you should listen to her music and watch further interviews to find out more about her. The chosen typeface used suggest a girly attitude and looks pretty and stylish which matches the star’s look.  Although, something I would personally change is the size and positioning of her name. This is because the font is quite small in comparison to the rest of the features on the page; and is placed in a bit of an odd place because it’s put exactly on her head.

In addition, the branding of the website and Digi Pack has been well planned due to the colour scheme and work cohesively together. The colours throughout the website are mainly black and white which suggests a classic sense of style, however, it has an accent of bright red which connotes ideas of seduction and beauty and adds a modern twist. The red is chosen because when you get to the ‘MUSIC’ page you can see the album which she is wearing bright red lipstick, a red jumper and the boarder of the front cover is matching. This cohesive image is aesthetically pleasing for the target audience and makes them want to look more into the website and feel enticed by these images.

Furthermore, looking at the music video, the star is wearing the red jumper (as seen in the DigiPak) which makes all three elements flow smoothly and work cohesively together. The challenging points of this convention includes it’s sections of the music video there are loads of different colours that project onto her, this could be seen as not sticking to the colour scheme, or that it is used in a contrasting way against the black and white that you see all over the website.

Now it is important to acknowledge the media theorists, Blumler and Katz, who discussed uses and gratifications. Below I have applied to each to what extent this website has fulfilled them:

  • Information- There hasn’t been that much personal information given on the website, however the basic necessities are there, for example: a short bio and tour dates. This is enough to fulfill the audiences needs and if they did want more, there are links to the star’s social media if they wanted more involvement .
  • Personal Identity- The aesthetics of the website such as the use of simple monochromatic colour highlighted with the accent of bright red makes the indie pop/electropop genre prominent.
  • Social Interaction- There are many links to the star’s social media, therefore the audience can interact, also, there is a contact page where they can send their details and their inquiry if they want to address the star or contact her management.
  • Entertainment- The visual elements of the website make the site a very entertaining place to be, also, the music video is straight on the home page as you scroll down, this is a good attribute to the website as the audience entertainment is avalaible straight away.

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