April 26

Test Shoots

Here we have created a mini 20 second clip using our song to get used to filming and editing to music:


  • location and mise en scene was very fitting and had a lovely pink hue throughout
  • getting a lot of shots in the video itself to edit to the face paced beat
  • strong lip syncing just needs more energy


  • more varied shot distances especially close up shots
  • ensure to check the focus before filming as a few shots are out of focus.
  • improve lip syncing and making sure the star knows the words.
  • keep a high energy throughout the video
  • add more profile close ups
  • create movement through the frame
  • try filming in slow motion and pulling focus within shots


April 20

Pitch and Feedback


Here is a copy of our pitch to our teacher which we feel went successfully. Discussing and reflecting on our ideas for shot and mes was very important as we could further our ideas that will work and eliminate ones that are out of our reach to execute or not appropriate.


  • maybe add people playing instruments as there is a strong implied bass
  • film in bank holiday so that we have extra footage so we don’t just have footage from the town filming day
  • have implied dead people eg hand and arms – implied carnage
  • close boot shot from POV of dead friends
  • be careful which car we choose must fit the mise en scene
  • ensure at least 3 episodes of film eg shower bed and car shots- potentially a desolate area



April 20

Song Shortlist and Moodboards

Above is my first draft of my pitch for Bellyache by Billie Eilish, the general idea is that the video is from the perspective of a psychopath who is in the process of murdering her best friends and boyfriend

Here is Hollie-Mae’s pitch, the general idea of the pitch is that there is a girl who is being held captive

April 20

Final Song Choice


  • Above is my new updated pitch which I have improved with my partner Hollie Mae
  • We chose the song ‘Bellyache’ by Billie Eilish as it is young, fresh and relatable so this would work really well with our target audience
  • The song is very catchy and modern
  • Finally, it has an interesting narrative that we can work with about a psychopath so we could follow that story
April 19

Perfect Production Group

  • This is important as it gives us a clear understanding and outline of each others strengths and weaknesses
  • In addition, we find out what times we can schedule shoots outside of school and the roles and responsibilities on shoot and post production
  • Also, we can discuss our creative responsibility and disagreements and working on shared documents
  • It is very important to express when you feel unhappy within the group and consider communication and organisation
March 28

Previous Student’s Work

Holding a shot steady – Upper level 4

It’s very clear that a tripod has been used, for example when it has the close up on people’s faces. Some elements of the video are deliberately hand held to give a chaotic feel to the video this shows a clear relationship between camera movement and the action going on in the narrative.

Framing a shot – Upper level 4

I think it was framed really well as they include lead space and rule of thirds throughout the whole video and have used a variety of angles, such as low angles when the cavemen walk into the shot to display them as superior.

Variety of Shot Distances – Lower level 4

There are lots of shots at different distances such as the close ups of the cave men hitting the drums and putting on their necklaces or when they’re performing in front of the camera, however there are very few extreme long shots included.

Appropriate to Task – Upper level 4

It is very clear the performers know what they are doing, it links the genre and characters together throughout and the performers all stayed in character, this gives it a more professional feel.

Mise-en-scene Selection – Upper level 4

The mise-en-scene in this music video was thought through really throughly, the colours all work together and the face paint represents the cavemen really well. The cave setting,  and low key lighting was all perfect to suit the genre

Editing for Meaning – Lower level 4

The editing in this video is very good as they are all motivated and change on the drum beat, making it more satisfying to watch, the editing for continuity is perfect and when it jump cuts as they walk towards the camera gives a sense of confusion.

Shot Transitions – Upper level 4

The shot transitions are all motivated and are on the beat, usually they go out of focus before going into the next shot which I think is a really good way to transition into the next shot, they have demonstrated a variety of shots however, such as a over lapping the videos before then fading one out, a cross dissolve, this is shown the performers are all hitting the drum to display a passing of time.

Sound with Images – Lower level 4

The sound and images fit together really well as the lip syncing was mostly done perfectly however there are a few moments when it’s a tiny bit out of sync like when one of the characters says ‘saviour’ it is slightly off, but other than that all the edits are done perfectly on the beat and it works perfectly alongside the narrative.