January 4

A New Improved Contents Page

Above are my two versions of my contents page. The first image is my completed final contents page I decided to add further addition in order to make it more professional and look more finished.

For example:

  • I decided to add a banner on the top and bottom of the page to create a flow throughout all of the posts (eg front cover, double page spread and finally the contents page). I have carried across the same ‘storm’ font to create a sense of cohesiveness and repeats my brands name so the audience will remember it. I kept to the simple colour scheme of black and white with the storm font.
  • I have also made the font larger along the left side where all
December 15

Draft 3- The Double Page Spread

Feedback & Reflection:

  • I need to add the photography by line
  • Ollie’s legs are weirdly shaped and look smaller than they should
  • Drop capitals are needed to start my first paragraph to give a more professional look
  • Although I’ve used a quote as the title I need to include some more throughout the text
  • Paragraphs need to be separated
December 15

Draft 2- The Contents Page

Above is my first draft of the contents page.

Peer Feedback/Targets for Development:

  • background with more vibrancy
  • good colour scheme for the ‘contents’ title, however it is quite hard to read
  • could look more complete by adding some more text
  • good colour scheme within the photos
  • maybe add borders?



December 15

A New Improved Front Page

Above is my new and improved version of my front cover. I was lucky enough for a professional designer to come in and analyse my work. He was able to give me feedback, ideas and new techniques in order to improve my front cover.

Feedback I Was Given by the Professional:

  • the storm font is too squished there is a lot of area I could fill out with words
  • add a small drop shadow on Ollie (behind)
  • bring down the ‘Burnage’ sign to make it in line with the barcode
  • red text box could be brought down but cuts off at the point of Ollie’s shoulder
  • potentially a light blue background rather than white

Above is my new and improved version of my front cover. I was able to use the professional’s feedback to improve my front cover. Additionally I added a higher contrast on the image of Ollie and also spot treated him using Photoshop.


November 29

Risk Assessment

Having a risk assessment is very important when going off site to shoot. This ensures that everyone involved is aware of the commitments and rules within the shoot and have the correct attitude going into the shoot. This risk assessment also allows the teacher to know where we are and when.

November 27

Draft 1- The Front Page

Above is an image of my first draft of my magazine cover. Please click on it to get a clearer image.


Firstly, I enjoy the red, white and blue colour scheme, this is because it fits with my Britpop genre. This is translated through my text boxes and also on his bucket hat. For my masthead I used a bold, serif type font in a lower case. To create a contrast I decided to use a black border and a white font to make it stand out to the reader. In my red ‘in this issue’ box I used an edgy pixel font as I thought it created a modern day twist to my magazine. I am happy that I added a quote on the left of the magazine cover, this enabled me to portray Ollie’s star image and his personality on the front cover.

Targets for Development:

  • Something I think I will change in my final draft is that I will give my magazine cover a different background, possibly a brick wall but not the plain white Photoshop background I have already here, I believe it makes the image of Ollie come across as flat. To change this I could add a small shadow behind Ollie to create depth.
  • Next, I need to bring down the blue ‘Burnage’ masthead to make it in line with the barcode and then adjust the ‘Ollie Brun New Release’ mast head text boxes accordingly.
  • In addition, I will elongate the red text box on the right hand size. I will make it go all the way down the right hand side but it will cut off at the point of his right shoulder. This will enable depth to be created.
  • Another addition I can make that will add much more depth to my front cover is to edit the top of Ollie’s hat to edge over the ‘storm’ banner on the top and also the right side of it to layer over the red text box.
  • The ‘storm’ font come across a bit squished and I have alot of area to fill the words with.
November 22

First Shoot Contact Sheet

Above are my set of my contact sheets from my photo shoot. I used Ollie Brun as my model and took photos from different angles to give myself multiple options when choosing my final image. I also tried taking photos with and without his bucket hat on and then with the Ellese fleece or with the Adidas waterproof jacket. Some photos are taken as a mid shot so this reveals his body and I’ve also taken some close up face shots as I knew this would be the typical money shot that is typically used on front covers of music magazines. Additionally, I took shots where Ollie had his back facing the camera and he is looking to the left. Finally, I decided to use a prop in this case a pair of drumsticks to add the britpop genre to the shoot.