October 9

Digipak Draft 1

This is a copy of the first draft of our Digipak. Our teacher gave us some very useful feedback which will enable us to enhance our product greatly for it’s final draft.

Targets for Improvement:

  • over editing the front cover? irroring, cutting and offsetting her face, and the pastel dabbling cosmic psychedelic doesn’t need represneeting on the background, eye editing
  • change the cross over edge, eg Marguerite’s page
  • replace the hand/legs shot on the right inside not a strong image and seems random
  • add places in between the words, or keep it consistent
  • not sold on the 80s font on the back cover, play with the font and change it up, maybe something more stylish eg simple sans serif font
  • needs more songs on the album, 6 is not enough
  • add barcode and copyright info
  • complete spines


October 4

Photoshoot / Design Production Meeting and Risk Assessment


By creating this production meeting agenda it has allowed us to be organised so that we know where and when we’re meeting and who is responsible of certain aspects of the shoot such as clothing and makeup. Me and my partner Hollie-Mae had a sit down meeting to discuss every detail of the shoot such as, whether we wanted to do a location shoot or use the white or black studio, so that it runs as smooth as possible and we use our time effectively.



October 4

Feedback on mock up and targets


After creating my digipack mock up me and my partner went around with a list of genres and adjectives and asked people which genre they think it most resembles and which adjective describes it best. The options for genre were energeric, sad, happy, angry, fun, edgy, unique/quirky, colourful and calming. The majority of people chose the adjectives edgy, unique and quirky. This was very good and the result and vibe we wanted. This shows us that the conventions of bright colours have made our product easily identifiable as the electropop genre. Therefore this tells us that in our final product the design style that we are going for is on the right track and only some major changes, mainly to our main cover star.

Furthermore we gave people the option to choose from these genres: rock, heavy metal, pop, kpop, electropop, indie pop, alternative rock, rap and r ‘n’ b. Most people thought that it was either punk or electropop or indie pop this is helpful as it shows us that our genre is recognizable within our product but it can be mixed up with other genres that have similar aspects easily, therefore in the actual product we will have to add more conventional alternative rock themes so that it would be more clearly identifiable.


  • Add more conventional electropop themes and ideas.
  • Stick with the vibrant colour scheme as it suggests the genre of Electropop.
  • Improve on the mise-en-scene, maybe add a costume with vibrancy and add props also to establish genre.
October 4

Digipak Photo mock- up

These four images below are images that me and my partner found on the internet. We feel as though they fit into our genre: Electropop. We have put them together to create a mock-up digipak – everything else however has been created by me and my partner eg the colours, fonts and structure– this was added in using the programme Adobe Indesign. These images below are our front cover, inside left cover, inside right cover and back cover. This will give us a guideline on how our digipak is going to look or what we should be basing it off.

October 4

Digipak Moodboard



This is our moodboard which represents the themes and ideas we want to represent in our digipak. This is a collage that incorporates denotations and cultural codes. Cultural codes such as the colour scheme being purple, lime green and animal prints. These colours and patterns are usually associated with vibrancy and fun, these connotations relate to our genre of indie pop/electropop.  These colours are very flamboyant and compliment each other and our genre very well.


Effective imagery is crucial in order to create a cohesive vibe to the digipak and video. The eyes and reconstructed face connotes a sense of  edginess and relate to our genre well. It has an artsy aesthetic about it and the repetition of the eye gives an effective look to the digipak.  We have included different textures to make the moodboard stand out more such as tissue paper, textured material and mesh. Our mood board incorporates modern and vibrant looking imagery such animal prints, which are currently a trend at the moment, this also connotes the idea of our star being wild and crazy like an animal. But we have also incorporated classic clean designs of  images such as the sea landscape and plant image.


Before we did our moodboard we created a Pinterest page that had colour schemes, images and related pictures and imagery that helped us think up and visualize our hands on moodboard.It is important to create a moodboard that embodies the brand and vibe of what you want your brands digi pak to look like as it gives inspiration and sparks off other creative ideas.

October 4

Digipak – Previous Students Work


These four images are a previous students work in which I have chosen to annotate and look into more detail because I feel that this piece has a great sense of continuity to it; and stands out due to the images as you can tell there has been a lot of thought into the framing, colour and editing.

The use of camera and Photoshop

Within all four images, they have used a range of camera distances these include: extreme close up, close up, long shot and an extreme long shot. Throughout this digipak the variation is well balanced and pleasing to the eye rather than having four of the same shots as this wouldn’t captivate the audience the same way. On the inside right image, the use of the rule of thirds worked great here as the eye is just of center and because he is looking directly into the camera which is breaking the fourth wall and feels as though he is connecting with the audience which grabs their attention. Also, they have used Photoshop well to bring out the colour of the blue, this colour helps add continuity of the sea theme, within Photoshop they could have brightened the blue of the sea to help the digipak seem more cohesive.

A strong point of this digipak is the front cover. It is excellently Photo shopped to make it look like he’s holding the album title.

Mise-en-scene and meaning

Lighting- highkey lighting that is clear and consistent is used on all these images apart from the back cover where natural lighting has been used in order to give a more relaxed, authentic and natural feel. The fore ground of his silhouette and the background are similar colours so therefore the lighting comes across as quite dull in comparison.

Props- on the inside left image they have still put the head of an acoustic guitar under his hands, this image works well with the indie genre chosen and is conventional to this genre.

Costume- a surreal image is used of the man wearing a suit on the beach, this indicates the genre is indie as it has an outlandish feel about it.

Setting-  here they use a beach as their setting, again, this is a very conventional setting for the genre as it connotes feelings of freedom, sorrow, nostalgia and reflection. The symmetry used within this image is very aesthetically pleasing for the audience and catches their attention, it is very simple yet very effective.

The word choice and level of audience engagement

Firstly the title, they have chosen is ‘Ocean’ and the artist is called ‘seafret’. These link well and have a clear correlation which each other. The images shown on the digipak are of the ocean which helps add continuity and  on it and the pictures shows images of the ocean which relates quite nicely and helps with gaining the predictable pleasure from the audience. On the back of the album you’ll find a list of 7 song names, for example, ‘Wildfire’, ‘Atlantis’, and ‘Oceans’, these chosen songs have the theme of nature in common which fits in perfectly with the indie genre.

The creative use of DTP to integrate images and text and use of colour/ typeface

Simplicity is crucial and highly effective. In this case the typeface shows further continuity and it is important how the same font flows nicely onto the back of the album which brings it together as a whole. The use of colour throughout the album is very impressive and bold, the use of the different shades of blues and greys make the bright, electric blue stand out the most and really entice the audience.