October 26

Flow Chart and Preferred Template

Above I have created this GoogleSlide after researching other Electropop’s artists’ websites to see what the typcal conventions and layout of the site is. We wanted to makes sure we have a structure set before making it, so in result of this, we have agreed on what pages and details we will include; such as merchandise in the ‘Shop’ section.

Now that this task is completed we have more clarity on what we need to do and what to add in, this map of the site also lets us know if we’ve missed a feature out, therefore keeps us organised and on task.

October 10

Website Terminology

Above is my analysis of a music websites, I have annotated the technical forms and conventions using the terminology we have learnt. It is important to know the conventions of a website as when we create our website we need to make sure that it is conventional of our genre and works well as a website set up.