October 31

So… I’m ready to make some Media!

I will have to consider a range of features when designing my magazine cover in order to catch to eye of my target audience. For example I will have to consider the colour palette I use, the font styles and the images I put on my magazine. Within this I must look at the lighting, costume and positioning. Furthermore I will have to consider  what message I am trying to convey within these images , this is also portrayed through the way I decide to lay out my magazine. I must consider the typical conventions of my music genre and I can look at other magazine’s as examples.

I must make sure to include different types of language features such as superlatives to make my magazine stand out. I should include different aspects of psyhcographics and demographics in order to cater towards my specific target audience. Also, I will use my Indesign and Photoshop skills to achieve a magazine which entices my target audience and persuades them to read it.

October 8

So…How can an image communicate meaning?

Images can communicate meaning in many ways, framing and mise en scene can represent people, places and things.

Mise en scene can change the entire meaning of the image, key elements are used in order to create the desired effect. Costume sets the attitude and vibe of the model. Lighting can be either high key, which is when the lighting used is natural and bright, or low key lighting which sets a moody and mysterious atmosphere. Acting represents the message they are trying to convey. Makeup is linked to costume and creates the overall image of the model. From props to setting every aspect of mise en scene is crucial in order to set the correct scene for your target audience.

Framing is also used which includes camera angles and the distance of the shot. Close ups enable the facial expression of the model to be clearly shown whereas long shots show distance and represent isolation. Furthermore, images taken from above show the model’s vulnerability  whereas an image taken from below could mark the model’s dominance and authority.

I can now use these skills when taking my photo for my magazine cover and in future work in order to target to my audience and create the correct representation of my model and magazine.


September 16

I Am a Media Prosumer

A media prosumer is a both a producer and consumer of media. This collage above shows images displaying the variety of media I enjoy using in my everyday life. Media is all around all and such an important part of all of our daily lives. There are different uses for media such as: social interaction like uploading photos or posts on social media platforms , entertainment such as tv shows , creating your personal identity such as music, channels such as BBC and ITV provide information and educational news. By posting something I am therefore a producer of media as well as a consumer. Media is a way of reflecting our likes and dislikes our interests and most importantly for communication and social interaction.

When creating my music magazine I intend to use all of these aspects in order to attract and engage to my target audience because I want to allow them to use it in as many ways possible:


-Social Interaction

-Personal Identity

-Education and Information


September 14

So…Hello Media Studies!

Since starting Media Studies I’ve learnt how to create my own blog and also how to upload and edit on it. This will be a transferable skill that I can use in my adult life for example when I move on to working potentially using a blog/computer. This has also expanded my creativity because I’m now able to customise my blog and personalise headers, create categories etc. I’ve also learnt what engages with the audience when creating a poster, and I will be using these techniques when creating my music magazine: Social Identity, Personal Identity, Entertainment and Information.

Before starting Media Studies I could only really use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc not creating a blog and editing photos and now a window of opportunity has been opened and now my range of skills are being widening each lesson. These transferable skills will be a major benefit for me especially when continuing with my media projects. When creating my magazine cover everything will be there for a reason by using semiotics, different fonts, colours and camera angles in order to attract my target audience.

Many technical skills I hope to learn involve applications like InDesign, PremierPro and Photoshop in order to allow my music magazine to reach its full potential. I will learn skills such as presentation designing, computer, desktop and directing skills by using these editing tools. I have also learnt some wider transferrable skills too for example presentation, team work and tenacity.