My Magazine Front Page Swede

This is the original image used for me to copy and try and make a copy for myself in InDesign.
This is original image I chose to try and represent the magazine cover.
This is my final draft for the practice magazine cover. (Please click image to see in further detail)


The whole idea of doing this mock up page was because it was for us to get used to using InDesign on a practical level, also to have the ability to look for appropriate magazine main attractions and cover set up materials. This has helped me have an understanding of how to use it to the appropriate level required and how to structure it for the correct target audience. The whole idea of learning is what this was for.

It is important to remember to export the InDesign as a JPEG and PDF so that the audience can get a clear image to enjoy.

With the magazine cover, I found that I did fairly well. Things that I found that I was quite strong with were:

  • The layout of the magazine cover, this is because they all of the aspects fit together nicely.
  • Getting familiarized with the software.
  • Analyzing the text and using appropriate fonts and sizes to attractive the targeted audience

However, things I did struggle with a bit were:

  • Understanding how to find high quality pictures that aren’t gonna make be pix-elated.
  • Explaining key features involved and how they can relate to the topic at hand.
  • Finding a variation of different techniques to use and finding the appropriate scenario to use them.

Here are some YouTube tutorial videos that I believe will help me, to have a more open minded approach to the use of InDesign. These clips demonstrate easy ways to remind you how to use the simplest tricks to give good affects.

  • These clips are embedded with knowledge of how this software is used, and how to develop and make the layout look professional.
  • These help me understand the conventional layout ( i.e. masthead, cover lines, main cover stars, and the use of props to make the target audience be attracted to buy this magazine )

It helped embed knowledge and understanding of conventional layout i.e. masthead, cover lines, main cover star etc

With this practice magazine cover, it has really helped me understand how to develop within the designing industry, and how much thought actually has to go into making products. I will be able to use this skills I have learnt and transfer them onto my own magazine cover.

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