A New Improved Contents Page

This is my new and improved contents page.

The changes that were made were :

  • Have page numbers with the quotes to let the audience get quick access to the parts of the magazine which they’re interested in, as not everyone has the same taste.
  • Added social media logos to indicate some of the current platforms which Pop-Hitz is currently active on.
  • Make the Autumn 2019 a clear distinction from the main heading ‘contents’ by changing the colour of the contents heading and moving the Autumn 2019 to a different position and giving it a bit of depth by adding weight to the lines.
  • Changed the background colour as it was originally one colour and quite dull, it is now multiple colours with clear distinctions of the different parts of the page.
  • Finally, I added further detail by changing colours of fonts and the sizes of them to make it stand out more.

Because of feedback given and in order to attract the target audience I need the target audiences opinion.

For this, I will be using peer assessment.

Feedback given includes :

  • The contents page work in tandem with the front cover because of the colour scheme, however I would change the main heading to a pink colour to give it more similarities. Because the current typefaces and the rest of the colour scheme is very consistent. And from looking at the current page, you can defiantly tell it’s a pop genre.
  • Which cover-lines tempt the audience to read on and which ones stand out and why?
  • For me, the cover lines shown all draw me in, but in particular I would say that ‘ Beyonce’s new romance ‘ & ‘ They sang with who?! ‘ defiantly are the most effective cover lines as pull me in, Beyonce is one of the most well known pop artists to date, and to hear some gossip about her is a must. And it doesn’t specify who is they, so I am intrigued to know, I just want to go straight to that page. The cover lines are defiantly eye catching and they just fit, it’s as if its from the genre itself saying it because it just fits.
  • Some of the contents of this page are unconventional, for example the page numbers with the quotes are a bit hard to see, so this will need to be adjusted asap. But the rest of the page seems to be conventional to my standards, 0especially sticking with the same fonts; sizes; and colours;

After this peer assessment, I have gone over my contents page and made some minor adjusting ( which there is a list below of all the changes made ). And here is my new new and improved contents page.

  • changed the colour of the main heading to fit in with contrast with the front cover.
  • changed the colour of the page numbers next to the quotes to make it stand out more, and make it more see able.
  • moved the contents slightly so it is all on the white part instead of being on the black as well.

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