Shoot 1 Reflection (Performance)

Photos from behind the scenes include :

Evaluation :

I believe the our first shoot went well, we covered loads of different types of shots, with different angels and different setting. Our main focus for the this shoot was to get the stair shots for the most part completed, and mainly having a play around, it is on the agenda to look through all the shots and decide whether we are in need of more shots depending on quality, but for the most part and what we’ve gone through os far, we have loads of different shots which convey different meaning by the use of CLAMPS.

From the roughly 3 hours of shooting, we managed to get around 150 videos which convey different meaning which will help us edit and portray our narrative for our teenage demographic.

Targets :

From this shoot, it has come to our attention that maybe some of our shots were out of focus and a bit wobbly, from a creative aspect we can make that work for our narrative of a never ending mental episode of life. However they weren’t what we went into the shoot looking for, so if it comes to it, our group is more than happy to reshoot and get more clear and steady videos.

I believe we also need more emotions to be conveyed through our actress to show more feelings of fear and realism of life.

What I need to take from this shoot is, not everything is gonna be perfect first time, but we need to be prepared to deal with what we’ve got or make arrangements to redo this.

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