Design Skills 1

In my first draft of editing, I have learnt loads of different editing techniques where I can use and adapt into my next draft of the music video. I have discovered that editing is much harder and time consuming than originally thought, as you need to think more into it and have a sense of what scenes will fit best with the lyrics, and having over 150 videos to choose from made this extremely time consuming to look for the best fit. I also had to consider match in actions, and how we cut on the actions of our character climbing the stairs, so making sure the actions were appropriate for the timing. Here are some examples of transitions and effects that we used and experimented with to enhance our key messages and the use of star image.


OPACITY : Here we managed to overlap multiple frames and have one frame have a less opacity than another, this helped portray a sense of having a consciences and multiple feelings at the same time. This helps portray the star image and shows how it can be impacted from having multiple shots overlaying. For example, this creates a feeling of uncertainty and discombobulation because not everyone can is portraying the feeling they actually feel, which works really well with our theme of teenage mental health. I could change the opacity to different levels to give either a very distinct or very faint layer.


RAZOR TOOL : This tool allows you to split a clip in the timeline of the video, without altering the clip’s position. The clip itself is unchanged, but each of the clip segments have new in and out points. This is useful when combining multiple video segments together to form a music video. For example, in the making of our music video, we have merged and contrasted multiple videos into different mini sub segments to ultimately form an overall music video which compliments the song choice.


EFFECT CONTROLS : The Effect Controls panel allows you to edit effects that have been applied to your clips. To access these, you must select it in the timeline by clicking it. If you do not have a clip selected, the panel remains blank. You can also use the panel to access the inherent motion, opacity, and audio properties of clips. For example, within our music video, we had a rough draft where we played with the effect controls and we manipulated the positioning of the frames and how they were positioned by messing with the rotation. and anchor point. One of my favourite discoveries while playing with these controls was the opacity, as we were able to merge multiple frame into one and have a faint foreground of one frame while the other is at full opacity in the background, making a subtle ghost effect.


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