Music Video Draft 1 – Rough Cut

Self assessment :

From our music video first shoot, we have managed to experiment with loads of different shots, using different MES and angles. This has opened up our understanding of how to experiment and how different shots can portray different meaning by the slightest thing, we have managed to use a wide range of different locations to show different stages of life and how life can be represented. We have managed to compose these shot into a very rough first draft of our music video, where we have decided to go full narrative, I admit our shots don’t quite line up with the meaning behind the song, so we need to rearrange this and have more shots with our shoot 2, but we will make sure the shots are more smooth and have more of an edge and have more of an impact to the lyrics. We have a strong range of shots which contrast and compliment each other very well, we will need to do some reshoots to amend some of the blurry and wobbly shots, but for the most part we managed to get most of the videos in the music video representing our presentation of struggling in life, this is one by the constant confusion in her face, the comparison of facial expressions, and the endless stair shot showing it never ends.

In our next draft, we will make sure these segments are aimed at more of a teenage audience due to this being a teenager struggling with her health, we are basically promoting that life isn’t always easy, and we should be aware that people struggle in different ways. The next draft can be much more powerful than. the first draft, because we can play with the shots and positioning of the camera, while adding in transitions and editing techniques. This will hopefully make the audience engaged and intrigued to watch it again.

Targets for improvement :

  • Better representation of narrative
  • Cleaner editing
  • Add more transitions and make them smoother
  • Add in the other half of the narrative (to be filmed)
  • Make the storyline link to the lyrics and meaning of the song

Targets for improvement from teacher :

  • Media :
  • Make the still photos black and white while having photo props
  • Include close up with blind fold 
  • Symbolic colour with happy and sad when she’s running 
  • Make sure the shots don’t show still, make sure they’re moving 
  • The lawn mower ruins the shot  
  • Make sure there’s no repeat shots 
  • Need more doors, opening and closing
  • Photos in black and white
  • Connection with him with photos 
  • Maybe add some performance with just close up of mouth 
  • Make all sad stuff in black and white (hand held, POV)

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