Shoot 2 Reflection (Narrative)


The shoot 3, which took place at school for the naturalistic scenes went well, many shots were obtained that can effectively be used in our music video. There were 6 different scenes throughout the shoot, which can be found on the narrative storyboard post, that helped us portray loads of different emotions in very different ways. By using the props that related to each scene made it look even more naturalistic to fit the narrative of the video which helped make the shots successful.

The girl being dressed in the same clothes as on the stairs makes a clear link to the abstract and realistic shots, every aspect in the school shots is very realistic helping to set the tone of failures and struggles in school helping it to be more relatable to a target audience.

For the final shoot on the stairs we will use the tripod more often to help get focused and steady shots, we will get more interesting and abstract shots to help provide the tone for the music video in the stair climbing scenes. More interesting angles will make the video appear more exciting and immersive for the audience to watch, giving a powerful effect of the music video.

When I say abstract shots, I mean some shots that we can manipulate to make unrealistic or unnatural so it can have that sort of confusing feel to it. For example, below, shows just a section of the whole shot, it shows that not everything shows the whole picture in life, this can be quite abstract as its not a shot you’ll see everyday, so having shots like this will really help our music video.


The targets for the final shoot of the music video:

  • have the camera on a tripod
  • have steady shots
  • make sure the shots are in focus
  • Get a stronger sense of emotion
  • Have more of a weak and useless emotion rather than a happy approach (our model is generally a very cheerful and happy person, making these shots of sadness a challenge)
  • Have more shot to action scenes.

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