Question 4: So… How did you integrate technologies (software, hardware and online) in this project?



Question 2: So… How does your product engage with audiences and how would it bedistributed as a real media text?


Bonjour! My music magazine is called Pop-Hitz, our specific genre is pop, and we focus on giving people what they want by conveying celebrity lives, fashion, and general knowledge.

Pop-Hitz is one of the highest demanded within the magazine industry to date, we offer top stories with celebrities, features from your favourite bands and artists and research into upcoming events. It is currently on nomination for ‘best upcoming magazine in 2019’. Pop-Hitz magazine inspires people to learn and develop, we offer fashion advice as well quotes of the day. We have aimed our magazine at young people, but our surveys have suggested that we have readers up to the age of 45. We allow readers to express themselves with interactive inputs and we encourage the best in people.

Our target audience is people ages between 13-26, but the surveys we have conducted suggested that we have readers above and below these rough guidelines. The ideal reader for the magazine would be a young female who is in education and may have a part time job, but has time to spend reading our magazine. 

The audience will be influenced to buy our magazine because of the many elements of conveying narratives. For example the entertainment / diversion side of things, which includes the idealism of escape, where people are not expected anything, they can experience emotions on a large scale and not feel judged. Our magazine offers this and realizes that this is a necessary step in life and we support this. A further example would be the Social Interaction side of the magazine, as we have inserts to encourage the audience to get involved in the development and structure of the magazine. Furthermore, the Personal Identity side of things, encourage the audience to comply with the magazines infrastructure due to having the ability to be yourself and have your own values and beliefs while respecting that not everyone has the same beliefs. Which leads on nicely to the Information / Surveillance side of the magazine, because it offers advice and receives data to help improve the way you’re currently living your life on a practical and emotional level. These are all what makes the Uses and Gratification theory( Blumler & Katz -1975 ).

I believe working with Bauer Media would greatly benefit our brand and have the best chance of higher profitable margins when it comes to distribution. I think this because they have a load of connections within the industry already, and it’s not just magazines, they also distribute outputs for radios. This leads me to believe that we can have larger chances of successful  distribution and consequently highly benefit the company. I believe that my magazine has some of the same features of their current publications. For example Q magazine shows interest in all of the current topics which are included in our magazines, which suggests that we can get our magazine nicely secure into the correct market and have it done by professionals who’ve done this before. They also have links to various radio stations such as Hits Radio and Capital London who would be able to help promote my magazine on other unique platforms.

The type of advertisers who would be interested in my target audience and therefore would invest in my magazine would be people who enjoy the genre and will be able to provide best outlets because they are well known through previous and current adverts. And this is why I have chosen the following two adverts Olly Murs and Kings of Leon. My target audience of the younger generation (people aged 13-27)  would buy and be influenced by the contents of the adverts. Therefore it would be more engaging with my magazine

When it comes to my distribution, I would like my magazine to go online and be an online version only. I am planning to go fully online by 2021. This is because the publishing industry is struggling to keep a profitable margin as well as keeping the magazine afloat, especially with the new market of digital media. My target market is key when deciding these factors because it’s all about the current trends and how things are incorporated and used within nowadays society, consequently because my target audience is fairly young, they are the key of the new digitalisation age and how its used. I believe that if we keep upto date, regarding the constantly changing motives of social media and digitalisation, we will be able to stay on top of the market and earn our place in the magazine history.


Question 1: So… How does your product use or challenge conventions and how does it represent social groups or issues?

CCR1 : 

My Brand :

  • Pop-Hitz is one of the highest demanded within the magazine industry to date, we offer top stories with celebrities, features from your favourite bands and artists and research into upcoming events. It is currently on nomination for ‘best upcoming magazine in 2019’. Pop-Hitz magazine inspires people to learn and develop, we offer fashion advice as well quotes of the day. We have aimed our magazine at young people, but our surveys have suggested that we have readers up to the age of 45. We allow readers to express themselves with interactive inputs and we encourage the best in people.

Mise en Scene

Costume :

  • For my photoshoots, I had my models dress up and bring props represent the Pop Genre;

Lighting / Colour :

  • The typical colour used within the pop genre includes bright, funky, vibrant colours which are used to stand out.

Make up / Hair :

  • The typical hair styles used include messy buns, or straight hair.
  • The make up used is quite extensive, as it’s a main factor in today’s society.

Pose / Proxemics :

  • Props used include sunglasses and magnifying glass. These helped give an edge to the shot, making it more unique. Meaning it had more of a pop feeling.


Framing / Composition :

  • Typical camera shots include mid shots and close ups. These help portray a more specific and meaningful display of emotions and conventions.


Copy & Cover Lines – Language :

  • Cover lines tend to be indicators of what’s to come, or tells a short one sentence story to intrigue the audience to reading the magazine.

Structure, Contents, & Quotes Main Story :

  • Quotes can be used to attract the audience to read more, as they normally are quite bold, and stand out and pull people in to look deeper.
  • I used a Quote ‘live life helping others’ and this is quite bold, in a different colour making it unique to the background.


Masthead :

  • Typical mastheads used are quite recognisable and have key features to make it stand out, such as the colours, boldness, and clear format. This makes it easier for the audience to acknowledge the brand.

Cover Lines :

  • They give a little insight to what’s inside the magazine, they tend to be quite controversial and sensational and they make you want to read more into the magazine.


Typical layouts include :

Front Cover :

Image result for front cover pop magazine

Contents Page :

Image result for contents page pop magazine

Double Page Spread :

Image result for double page spread pop magazine


So… How is it going?

What new transferrable skills have you learnt? What went well and even better if…

  • A transferable skill is an ability or expertise which may be used in a variety of roles or occupations. Examples include communication, problem-solving and self-control.

With this in mind, I have learnt loads of new skills. Some of which include :

  • Communication ; I have managed to talk to new people and get their feedback.
  • Different kinds of communication ; for feedback, I used a few different ways, I actually spoke to them in person, I sent them instructions via social media, and I had the blog league for comments of how to improve.
  • Critical analysis I’ve had to receive feedback on my work, and then try and apply the feedback to improve my work. Ive also had to give feedback in which I had to breakdown what the writer was trying to convey and apply that knowledge to the feedback.
  • Research I’ve had to go away and research topics in order for me to fully understand the topic, and then transfer the knowledge to my work and help others with understanding it too.
  • Teamwork In the past, I have been involved in group projects, this has helped me understand that there isn’t just one way of doing it, there is more of an a-ray of ways to do it.


I believe that the whole project so far I have done incredibly well on, however I would say that the following are what stands out the most in regards to effort and overall satisfaction :

  • Double page spread
  • Contents page
  • Photoshoot outcome
Here is one of my favorite picture from my shoot
Here is one of my favorite picture from my shoot
Here is one of my favorite picture from my shoot



EBI : 

Although I do think highly of my work, there is always room for improvement, I believe this is in the following areas :

  • Analysis of topics and giving feedback.
  • Magazine front cover
  • Possible mast head designs

All these areas could use improvements, and I will try and go back over my work and adjust anything that I feel needs improvement.

Design Skills 2

Within the world of constantly evolving media platforms and new techniques, I know very little skills to what is available. So there is always room to learn, in this case, I have learnt some more skills in Photoshop and InDesign.

InDesign :

With this, I managed to alter fonts by changing size, coliur, width, length, height, slant, and spacing. This helped correct any hidden / distorted fonts
With this technique, I was able to change the transparency of fonts, backgrounds and photos. This helped with finding the right colour for backgrounds.

Photoshop :

With this technique, I am able to crop out a certain part of the image and keep it rather than having to deal with whole picture. This helps speed up time.
I am glad I learned this skill as without it I wouldn’t have been able to edit any of the photos as it is kinda of a safe holding so nothing would be able to happen to it if it’s locked. So this is very useful. so I don’t keep making mistakes.

All these techniques will help me progress and convey particular narratives towards the audience, as not every thing chosen was to convey the same thing. For example, the tint; helped me give further detail into the way something looks, as in the transparency. This will help with giving depth to the images and fonts.

By using these skills, I have managed to produce my current magazine drafts. And actually using these skills has helped me remember how to do them, so in the future I’ll be able to remember each of these skills to help benefit myself because I’ll actually known what I’m doing rather than asking everyone else for help.

This will help portray the star image and the mise-en-scene of the narrative and convey it significantly to the target audience.

Design Skills 1

Within my developments with photoshop and InDesign I have gained some design skills, I have used these to work towards creating my music magazine front cover and double page spread. Some of the things I have learnt are :

  • Creating shapes using the rectangle tool ;
  • Cutting out a shape / person using either the quick selection or magnetic lasso tools, with these, you need multiple layers for it to work properly ;
  • Adding strokes to selected fonts ;
  • I found out that the eraser tool can make the image look a lot less rough, it’ll soften the image, as well as getting rid of part of the image you don’t want / need ;
  • How to adjust typefaces and create different widths, heights, colours, spacing, and highlights ;

These are skills all have an impact on things such as genre, narrative, audience, representation, star image and eye catching.

So… I am ready to photograph my star.

My Mission Statement :

Pop Hitz Magazine strives for the best, the mission statement is ‘ No.1 Pop Magazine WorldWide’. We are known as the worlds leading pop magazine, our target audience is mostly aimed at :

  • Ages 10 – 25
  • Female dominated
  • Any occupation
  • However, this is just guidelines, as seen from one of our recent surveys, 67% of people over the age of 40 still interact with our magazine. While current readers carry on past these ages.

PopHitz is one of the worlds leading music magazine, we have the reputation of being a keen part of society, our magazines are always done to a very high standard, with our focus being maintained throughout the layout. We keep our magazines up to date, with nothing but relevant content.

I have recently gone to the next level development when it comes to representation of our brand. Having released a digital copy of our magazine, and it seems that from this development, people are enjoying reading it from the comfort of their devices, as our reader percentage since the release has had a 7% rise.

We focus on providing the community with details of the ‘higher valued’ people in society, ( otherwise known as celebrities ). Things conveyed through the magazine include gossip, new upcoming events / artists and key dates.

My Brand Values :

As PopHitz develops, we are aiming to give everyone a sense of involvement  throughout the community. We are hoping to inspire people to get out there, enjoy themselves, take advantage of the opportunities given and feel like nothing is impossible. As well as conveying situations of celebrity lives, we try to involve inspiring stuff to show others what could be accomplished, and what is available.


What have I learnt? :

In order to further develop the world of media and how it can be conveyed. For example, Mise-En-Scene, this just means telling a story. Things to help with the portrayal of the narrative include the arrangement of props and actors within a particular setting. To have the best result, I am to consider the outfits, lighting, props, hair styles, props, and what is throughout the surrounding vicinity.

I have also noticed that the camera is a key part in conveying a story to the audience. As it can change the mood of the shoot by the lighting, the angle it portrayed, and the distance from the frame. For example, you can have the camera in a dark area where no lighting is available, this gives a dark sad theme, but when you put some lighting on it, it gives a motivational and determined view. These are 2 very different views from just one very simple change. A further example can be from when we watched clips of Doctor Who in class, showing a sense of dominance when the camera is looking down on someone.

I have been learning to use a DSLR camera where I was taught about aperture, shutter speed, and the ISO. I have transferred this skills when taking pictures of my model for my music magazine cover, I will also transfer this skills to help further myself when taking more pictures. Therefore, I will use my knowledge of everything i have learnt to create quality images that are deemed acceptance for the title ‘ high quality’.

The whole concept of this is to create a story line for audience to decode. The pictures / frames will have a meaning behind, I will have encoded the scenery to construct something for the audience to deconstruct and make into a story. I will do this by using all the features I have listed above, and have my star image convey all sorts of different scenarios to help find the perfect one for my magazine.

So… I’m ready to make some media!

In my process, I believe I am ready to get deeper in the world of media, I have learnt so much already.

My next task includes making a magazine cover, in which I will need to compile all of my current knowledge and skills to give it the best possible outcome. I believe I will need guidance along the way, but I will be able to get this done in adequate timing, and done to a decent standard.

I will need to include the idea of Mise-en-Scene, the layout needed, how the camera can portray a certain meaning, and AIDA. These all can help convince the target audience what is going on, why they should read the magazine, why they should be attracted to it.

In order to start doing my magazine, I will need to find appropriate models / props / costumes to portray the real message. I will also need to start thinking what it should include, and where to put it, layout is very important as it is one of the easiest ways to catch attention.

So… How can an image communicate meaning?

Image result for mise en scene

The camera framing and Mise-en-scene are used to convey the narrative to a story. It helps represent individuals, groups, events or places.

Every little detail helps carry out the narrative of the story. In a storyline, there is normally emotions represented. Which gives the audience more of an understanding of the true meaning.

Within Mise-en-scene, there is the expression CLAMPS, which stands for :

  • Costume;
  • Lighting;
  • Acting / proxemics;
  • Make up;
  • Props;
  • Setting;

All these features can differentiate a characters emotions to their acting style to express feelings towards the audience.

It’s sorta like the media ecology, all the sub topics are connected together. Without one, the system put into place falls apart. It’s sorta like a small society, they all have jobs to do, and if one doesn’t do it, it all goes down the drain, you have to start again.

Camera framing is justified as important as it demonstrates a meaning. For example, the different angles and frames will convey different meanings to the audience. This is why each and every shot should be done carefully, with prep time and consideration, because last thing we’d want is the wrong idea to be represented to the audience by how the camera framing is used.

Furthermore, I will need to think about all the different camera shots, and how I want them to portray vs what they will portray.