I have chosen the following 2 adverts to be included in my magazine, I thought these would be appropriate with my genre of my magazine and make it appealing and eye catching towards my target audience.

Image result for music magazine adverts

I have chosen this first advert as I feel it will appeal to my target audience because Olly Murs is a very famous pop artist within the industry. He knows how to dress to impress, he is in smart looking old fashioned clothing and that is appealing to most of the main target audience focus. I feel this has similar taste to what the models in the magazine are wearing, as its bold, and stands out, as its’s not normal. The blue background makes it stand out from the current theme of the magazine and make it feel unique and similar to itself.

Image result for music magazine adverts

I have chosen this second advert for my magazine as I feel that it shows a bit of creativity and stability for the magazine. For example the idea of having multiple pictures manipulating the human eye to make it seem like 1 image makes it have a sort of edge to it and make it stand out. The colour scheme used is actually quite similar in the sense of the background, and makes it feel apart of the magazine.

A New Improved Complete Magazine Draft

Here is the new and improved magazine draft after feedback.

Feedback given includes :

Front Page :

  • Border the photos
  • Add in captions
  • Crop top right photo

Contents Page :

  • Main star needs a name and page number
  • Change font of page numbers to same

Double Page Spread :

  • Change the logo to the original.

I did all these changes and the final result is above.

Complete Magazine Draft

Here is my complete magazine draft.

Feedback given includes :

Front cover :

  • Add some more cover lines ( on right hand side )
  • Need to replace pictures of actual artists with own images
  • Background colour needs replacing
  • Maybe the eyes have been over whitened ?

Contents Page :

  • The Autumn 2019 can be changed to a smaller font size
  • The picture sorta looks indie but it sorta works
  • Cant really see the page numbers next to quotes or statements (  need to change colour / font )
  • move the social media icons to the bottom
  • Change font of cover lines
  • Maybe add an explanation of cover lines ?
  • use more modern / simplistic fonts
  • Maybe add some yellow into the theme because there is some in the DPS

Double Page Spread :

  • Make the cover image bigger, make the model more visible
  • Simplify fonts
  • Get rid of hyphens
  • try and justify responses
  • the blue block needs straightening and made into one block rather than two
  • add who wrote the article
  • make sure alignment is correct

With this feedback, I will be able to correct the minor things listed above and make it to a better standard to it can convey the correct mise-en-scene.

And to improve on this feedback I shall incorporate all of the feedback and make a new and improved draft.

A New Improved Contents Page

This is my new and improved contents page.

The changes that were made were :

  • Have page numbers with the quotes to let the audience get quick access to the parts of the magazine which they’re interested in, as not everyone has the same taste.
  • Added social media logos to indicate some of the current platforms which Pop-Hitz is currently active on.
  • Make the Autumn 2019 a clear distinction from the main heading ‘contents’ by changing the colour of the contents heading and moving the Autumn 2019 to a different position and giving it a bit of depth by adding weight to the lines.
  • Changed the background colour as it was originally one colour and quite dull, it is now multiple colours with clear distinctions of the different parts of the page.
  • Finally, I added further detail by changing colours of fonts and the sizes of them to make it stand out more.

Because of feedback given and in order to attract the target audience I need the target audiences opinion.

For this, I will be using peer assessment.

Feedback given includes :

  • The contents page work in tandem with the front cover because of the colour scheme, however I would change the main heading to a pink colour to give it more similarities. Because the current typefaces and the rest of the colour scheme is very consistent. And from looking at the current page, you can defiantly tell it’s a pop genre.
  • Which cover-lines tempt the audience to read on and which ones stand out and why?
  • For me, the cover lines shown all draw me in, but in particular I would say that ‘ Beyonce’s new romance ‘ & ‘ They sang with who?! ‘ defiantly are the most effective cover lines as pull me in, Beyonce is one of the most well known pop artists to date, and to hear some gossip about her is a must. And it doesn’t specify who is they, so I am intrigued to know, I just want to go straight to that page. The cover lines are defiantly eye catching and they just fit, it’s as if its from the genre itself saying it because it just fits.
  • Some of the contents of this page are unconventional, for example the page numbers with the quotes are a bit hard to see, so this will need to be adjusted asap. But the rest of the page seems to be conventional to my standards, 0especially sticking with the same fonts; sizes; and colours;

After this peer assessment, I have gone over my contents page and made some minor adjusting ( which there is a list below of all the changes made ). And here is my new new and improved contents page.

  • changed the colour of the main heading to fit in with contrast with the front cover.
  • changed the colour of the page numbers next to the quotes to make it stand out more, and make it more see able.
  • moved the contents slightly so it is all on the white part instead of being on the black as well.

Draft of Content Page

Here is my first draft of my contents page for my music magazine.

I have made sure I have used all the techniques and methods I have previously learned in order to create this draft.

In order to improve and make progress when making the new an improved contents page, I will need to :

  • look further into detail;
  • More it more enjoyable, the colour of the background is quite plain and dull, so will need another look at.
  • make more of the numbers for pages
  • change the contents colour
  • make the autumn 2019 a different colour or realign
  • have quotes with page numbers
  • have some logos for social media links

What is a Contents Page?

Here is 3 different brief drawing of possible layouts for my contents page. My personal favourite from these 3 is the 1st option, as its quite simplistic but very effective.

5 of my favourite ‘catchy captions’ which stood out the most to me when we were coming up with some as a class include :

  • Finished?
  • ALL people are selfish. YES. YOU.
  • Who are they really>
  • Discover the hidden…
  • They sang with who!?

Some other include :


I find using these templates of formations and using the captions that were suggested will give me a huge boost in the development of my contents page. As otherwise I would’ve been going in dark, I wouldn’t have a clue what to include etc, so having this extra help in the start of the production was very useful, and   I will defiantly go back to using this technique in the future.

Through my time of working on this project, I have learned key points about content pages which should be eminently noted to help further possible creations.

Things such as ( the following ) are key criteria to include in the making of a contents page :

  • Editors hello
  • Page numbers
  • Hyperbole and superlatives in headlines
  • Images and word clues
  • Graphic illustrations and designs
  • Reminder of the magazine’s name and mission statement

These all help portray the narrative towards the reader and help discussion about what makes a good contents page, and what makes my contents page the best.

A New Improved DPS

Here I have my new and improved magazine for my double page spread.

The new and improved changes included in the new draft include :

  • Headline
  • Cover line
  • Questions being centered
  • Added page numbers
  • Added photographer line
  • Added a backdrop for the social media links to make it stand out
  • Made all main star names the same font
  • Made certain things more clear and able to stand out

I did all these things to help better the magazine within competition wise, as it could come to the smallest detail when in the media race. So having made these changes to make it look better, I furthered myself in the competition.

For my next development, to succeed further, I will need to get feedback from multiple people ( especially people who fit the criteria of my target market ) and use that in order to put myself at an advantage.

Feedback & Reflection on Draft DPS

Targets for improvement from my teacher include :

  • use different font for her name and look at font for the headline quote
  • to center the questions….
  • the social media information needs sorting..puts some logos in and put it in a box
  • the drop capital and stand first need sorting
  • justify the copy and delete the hyphens
  • put top 10 in different stand out font
  • cut down number of social media links
  • add page numbers, byline and photography by

For development, I will need to use this feedback to make a more improved draft for my double page spread. In this development, I will need to use all techniques already known and practised to get a better result which will attract the target audience.

With learning all the techniques and practises already, I will use these at later points throughout the course to benefit myself and make my work a better standard.

Draft of The Double Page Spread

Currently I have included in my double page spread :

  • main image
  • main heading
  • chosen article
  • punch line
  • magazine logo reference

From this draft, I quite like the main headline but I feel like the font doesn’t match the image. So that’ll have to be addressed for my new and improved draft.

I also like how I’ve added vibrant colours into my main image to give it more of an attraction.

A New Improved Feature Article

A new improved version next to previous draft 3. Identify the changes you made. What impact do you hope the changes bring? What’s new and what are your targets?

Draft Article

For peer proofing and teacher comments


Your top 10 tweets have been collected and here are the top 10 questions answered by Maddy-Son!

Maddy-Son, you all know and you all love her!

Born in  China, she has traveled the world exploring and on the way meeting many of her fans.

Currently a resident in Guernsey Channel Islands,she starts her  World Tour shortly!

Performing as a pop  artist, she likes to include all genres within her work and  has recently gone back to her roots with the current trend of K-Pop.

So here we go – read on for some revealings exclusives from MADDY SON 


Have you ever been recognised in public ? 

  • Yes, quite often actually. I do try and keep myself to myself while out, but it’s quite hard when everyone knows you. I must admit, I’ve had to wear disguises in the past just so I could go to the supermarket! I even wore my gran’s old coat and hat once!

Would you ever consider joining / creating a band rather than staying a solo artist ?

  • I haven’t actually ever thought about it, I mean I would be open to the suggestion as long as it’s with the right people.  

How well behaved were you at school ?

  • (  I was actually a reasonably well behaved pupil, I mean we all had our cheeky mischievous side, but I wouldn’t say that impacted myself or my grades. The most daring thing I ever did was hide my art teacher’s board markers once – hardly rebellious!

What inspired you to become the role model you are today ?

  • I have had all kinds of artists help me along my way, but it has to be my mother who inspired me to become the woman I am today. She always was that strong willed woman who helped everyone and had a powerful voice and expressed her emotions through her voice.  She loved singing along to Whitney Houston and Madonna.

What can we expect to come from your tour?

  • Ah that’s a secret, you’ll have to find out about it during the tour. But I will say, be excited for something new…and all that I will tell you is that unicorns may feature heavily – but how – you will have to come to find out.

Who’s songs do you enjoy listening to at the moment?

  • I am more of an all round person, if a song comes on, I’ll join along,So I’m not fussy with what I listen to but currently on my spotify playlist is xxxxxxx.

What do you hate about being an artist?

  • I wouldn’t say I hate anything about being an artist, I love everything I do and I wouldn’t change it but it can be irritating sometimes when there is no KFC in the vicinity to wherever I am recording or performing – I am addicted to nuggets!

Is there anything in the works for a new song / album ?

  • My tour will coincide with the launch of a new album in collaboration with XXXX  and of course I am hoping he may appear on the tour too.

What’s your main goal when writing your lyrics?

  • My main goal when writing about my lyrics, is to really express how I am feeling, I like to be a true artist, whom can tell everybody about my life and not be ashamed.  For example the lyric from XXXX where I sing about XXXXX really links to my focus on how family and friends are worth more than money and fame.

How long do you think you will last in this cut throat business of the pop world?

  • I hope to keep singing until I find it a chore.  


We would like to wish that Maddy-Sons tour goes like clockwork and all the best for the rest of her career, and to have her know that’s he is welcome back here at any time!

To keep up to date with her and travels, use her social media platforms:

  • Facebook; Twitter; Snapchat; and Youtube;

To listen to her music get yourself over to :

  • Youtube; Soundcloud; Spotify; and iTunes;

Search up Maddy-Son on any of these platforms and enjoy!

The changes made for the feature article include :

  • Adding more gossip
  • Adding more exclusives
  • Changing some of the tenses to make more sense

I hope these changes will help improve the idea whole idea of the article and will have more of an impact on the readers as it has a sense of inclusion, so the audience shall be involved, it’s as if she’s talking to the audience member.