Specsavers Feedback

Summary of feedback and targets (bullet pointed) List new technical / creative ideas YouTube tutorials that might help

Feedback :

During lesson, we had 2 visitors from Specsavers who came in to watch, and give advice on our music videos. As one of the visitors watched our video of our first draft, he pointed out key aspects to focus on when filming and how they can be manipulated in premiere pro. These were all points that could help improve the quality and emotional tone of the narrative.

The feedback they gave was; that the first draft cut was very effective and used interesting shots of the girl and portrayed the themes of failures, he also stated that we needed to focus on making the stairs look even more abstract to juxtapose the naturalism of the school scenes. With these improvements, the shoots will become an ever lasting kind of optical illusion, this would help justify a clearer narrative and make it extremely effective.

Targets :

  • think about angles and composition
  • use more interesting angles
  • emotions within shots
  • make it confusing
  • remove the context
  • make it feel like just stairs
  • be selective with stairs
  • keep it graphical
  • edit shots
  • no blindfold
  • make shots seem confusing
  • pick a barrier and a door

List of new technical and creative ideas :

  • use barriers to compose shots
  • use doors to give context
  • overlap shots in editing
  • edit the shots in effective ways
  • make it abstract
  • make the shots very graphical
  • smoothly edit together shots for flow
  • make the transitions smoother


YouTube Tutorials :

Shoot 2 Reflection (Narrative)


The shoot 3, which took place at school for the naturalistic scenes went well, many shots were obtained that can effectively be used in our music video. There were 6 different scenes throughout the shoot, which can be found on the narrative storyboard post, that helped us portray loads of different emotions in very different ways. By using the props that related to each scene made it look even more naturalistic to fit the narrative of the video which helped make the shots successful.

The girl being dressed in the same clothes as on the stairs makes a clear link to the abstract and realistic shots, every aspect in the school shots is very realistic helping to set the tone of failures and struggles in school helping it to be more relatable to a target audience.

For the final shoot on the stairs we will use the tripod more often to help get focused and steady shots, we will get more interesting and abstract shots to help provide the tone for the music video in the stair climbing scenes. More interesting angles will make the video appear more exciting and immersive for the audience to watch, giving a powerful effect of the music video.


The targets for the final shoot of the music video:

  • have the camera on a tripod
  • have steady shots
  • make sure the shots are in focus
  • Get a stronger sense of emotion
  • Have more of a weak and useless emotion rather than a happy approach (our model is generally a very cheerful and happy person, making these shots of sadness a challenge)
  • Have more shot to action scenes.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment for Shoot 2 (Narrative)

Here is the risk assessment for the shoot we’re doing on Tuesday the 15th of September, here it covers all basic threats or risks,  and this we need to be wary of.

We have also included two to approach some of the obstacles of risk, as well as contact numbers incase we need to contact the school.

Video Narrative Story sheets

Here is a mini story board of what to expect from the upcoming shoot on Tuesday, that is if all goes to plan.

The props that will be included in this will be :

  • mirror
  • books / pens
  • food / lunch
  • mascara
  • blindfold
  • photos of girl

The costume that will be needed will be :

  • white dress
  • white shoes


  • black jumper
  • black joggers
  • black shoes

We are going for a theme of ‘life is a constant battle’. Meaning that everything can be a challenge in life, and everyone deals with it different. We are trying to raise awareness of mental health issues, especially in teenagers as they are the main audience that is affected by mental health in todays society.

The music video will have deliberate open ended ways of portraying different life situations, some which may not be resolved, but some that may be. These are deliberate to show that not everything in life can be resolves, but rather helped and ease the pain of the situation.

Narrative Development

Here is our narrative sheet, here we went through a rough and detailed view on what our ideal music video should include.

Our music video is 100% narrative, meaning the performer doesn’t make any appearance in the video. We have decided to keep to a Anachronic + Parallel type of narrative as it best portrays the theme. 

Design Skills 1

In my first draft of editing, I have learnt loads of different editing techniques where I can use and adapt into my next draft of the music video. I have discovered that editing is much harder and time consuming than originally thought, as you need to think more into it and have a sense of what scenes will fit best with the lyrics, and having over 150 videos to choose from made this extremely time consuming to look for the best fit. I also had to consider match in actions, and how we cut on the actions of our character climbing the stairs, so making sure the actions were appropriate for the timing. Here are some examples of transitions and effects that we used and experimented with to enhance our key messages and the use of star image.


OPACITY : Here we managed to overlap multiple frames and have one frame have a less opacity than another, this helped portray a sense of having a consciences and multiple feelings at the same time. This helps portray the star image and shows how it can be impacted from having multiple shots overlaying. For example, this creates a feeling of uncertainty and discombobulation because not everyone can is portraying the feeling they actually feel, which works really well with our theme of teenage mental health. I could change the opacity to different levels to give either a very distinct or very faint layer.


RAZOR TOOL : This tool allows you to split a clip in the timeline of the video, without altering the clip’s position. The clip itself is unchanged, but each of the clip segments have new in and out points. This is useful when combining multiple video segments together to form a music video. For example, in the making of our music video, we have merged and contrasted multiple videos into different mini sub segments to ultimately form an overall music video which compliments the song choice.


EFFECT CONTROLS : The Effect Controls panel allows you to edit effects that have been applied to your clips. To access these, you must select it in the timeline by clicking it. If you do not have a clip selected, the panel remains blank. You can also use the panel to access the inherent motion, opacity, and audio properties of clips. For example, within our music video, we had a rough draft where we played with the effect controls and we manipulated the positioning of the frames and how they were positioned by messing with the rotation. and anchor point. One of my favourite discoveries while playing with these controls was the opacity, as we were able to merge multiple frame into one and have a faint foreground of one frame while the other is at full opacity in the background, making a subtle ghost effect.