Test Shoots


Here is our test shoot 1 of our music video.


  • The use of shots
  • The range of editing techniques
  • Being experimental with the footage


  • More lighting needed
  • May need a different location, as this one is very dark
  • the costume needs to fit the role of the the ideal star image

From these targets, we have rearranged a different location with more spacious, which is good for long shots and more lighting available. And we have come up with the ideal costume for our ‘stalker’ star image.

Prelim Task Lip Syncing Exercise


Here is my edit of our lip sync performance. Where we performed Lady Gaga – Poker Face.

Lip syncing is when the performer uses a backing track while mouthing the words for the song. This is important for the star image because it helps connote and express the feelings of the performance without having to worry about what you sound like.

WWW : Some of the actors were able to move around and show strong emotions.

WWW : The overall performance was recorded from different angels and showed different shots.

EBI : The performances didn’t know the words quite as well as needed.

EBI :The actors didn’t sing to the correct lyrics at all times.

Prelim Task / Mood Montage

It was essential for us to make a plan for our video montage, we have represented 3 different situations with the topic being ‘practise makes perfect’. These situations include :

  • Basketball – shooting practise ;
  • Music – practising piano ;
  • Art – perfecting an art piece ;

These all showed stages on how they started, to how they ended.

Here, is the storyboard of the montage shown below.

  • I think that the montage has an impact of motivation and can create a sense of power, as you start off knowing nothing, but then gain the power overtime because you are resilient and and have tried.
  • One specific cut which help create meaning is when Zoe puts paint onto the palette and we added a cutting transition where paint splatters to the next scene, this helps solidify the purpose of the scenes, as we have it cutting out of the sport scene into the painting scene, it gives it a sense of belonging.
  • With the montage, we were trying to get a sense of progression, as shown because it shows how it starts at one point, and ends at another.
  • An additional shot which I believe would’ve made it better would be a cowboy shot,┬áit emphasizes more of your subject while keeping their surroundings visible, this would help convey more narrative and have more of a story line.

In order to focus forward, I will take into account all these aspects, of what we did, what could be improved and what could’ve been added to make my music video. Things that I will need to consider include :

  • The setting ; make sure it’s got the correct details to portray the correct message to the audience;
  • The costume ; make sure there isn’t any useless props (such as scrunchies or hairbands on wrists) that’ll portray the wrong convention ;
  • The shots that need to be used ; use a variation of shots of the same scene to make it more selective when it comes to editing, to make sure you’ve got the right frame