Design Skills 2

I have learnt lots of new design skills and production techniques over the last few weeks. For example I have learnt how to do a drop capital on InDesign to make my double page spread more realistic. I have also learnt how to use one text box and add columns to it rather than doing two unidentical text boxes. Both of these things made my double page spread a lot easier to work with.

Furthermore, I have also improved my skills on photoshop. This includes cutting out as I have made an effort to make my cutting out more accurate. To broaden my knowledge on photoshop, I have also watched some videos so I can create better looking pictures which will make my magazine look more professional.

What went well was that I have improved my knowledge on both Photoshop and InDesign which has lead me to create a good double page spread. It would be even better if I carried on improving and enhancing my knowledge so that I can improve my coursework even further. I can do this by watching more videos and experimenting on the software.

My new design skills and production techniques have had a specific impact on my star image because it has made be portray what I want my stars to look like easier by using lighting effects and editing. It has also helped me to portray my genre because I can now add in extras which before, I didn’t even know how to do. My improved knowledge on InDesign has helped me to create a clearer and better narrative because I now have even spacing between by two columns and a drop capital makes my magazine look more realistic therefore, improving my narrative of a disco trio.

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