So… How is it going?

I have learnt lots of new transferable skills when creating my complete magazine draft.

InDesign: Over the last few weeks, I have learnt how to group images to make my life easier when rearranging my layout. I have also learnt that simple designs often work better and even when you decide on a layout you’re probably going to change it later anyway. This is a transferable skill because it has made me stress less about my original design and instead experiment on the software.

Photoshop: I have learnt how to edit an image to make it look how I want it to look and I have also learnt how to use the paint brush tool to recreate a disco inspired background. These are transferable skills because I can now manipulate images and create my own backdrops.

I have also learnt lots about how magazine production work and how long it takes to create a single page. Doing this has really opened my eyes to how much work it takes to create one magazine.

I have also learnt lots of transferable life skills in creating my magazine including communication, organisation and teamwork. This has been through planning my own shoots both in school and outside.

  • Communication: My communication has improved massively in studying media because when planning a shoot, you need to be able to communicate with your models and anyone else involved so you get good pictures. It has taught me that I need to be very clear on what I want. This is a transferable skill because when I go out to work, in any job, you need to have good communication skills so you can convey your point.
  • Organisation: I have learnt that in order to plan a shoot, you need to be super organised because if you’re not, your shoot will not get done to the standard you want it to be. I also need to be organised to get my blog posts on time. If they do not get done, I will fall behind. Organisation is a transferable skill because it will really help me in life if I am organised and to order my work so I get it done on time.
  • Teamwork: Teamwork plays a very important part as when I do a shoot, I need to be able to work with people and communicate effectively. It is a transferable skill because you are always are going to have to work with people in any job.
  • Learning how to use adobe software: I have learnt how to use Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. While this may not be a transferable skill for all jobs, in the media industry, it would be very useful. It has also made me more aware of how to enhance images and how to create advertisements and magazine covers.

What has gone well: 

  • I really like my double page spread and my front cover as I think they are quite realistic and magazine-like.
  • I have picked up how to use Photoshop and InDesign quickly.

Even better if:

  • I should watch more videos on Photoshop and InDesign to broaden my knowledge of the software.

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