A New Improved Contents Page

Here is my new and improved contents page. I have decided to change my layout completely so it works better with my double page spread.

Here is a recording of my peer reading their peer review.

In summary, I think I have produced a good second draft I just need to work on making the writing a bit clearer and filling in the space. I would also like to add in some more detail so my magazine looks more realistic.

What I’ve changed:

  • The layout.
  • The font of the title.
  • Put in more polaroids.

What is good:

  • I like the colour scheme.
  • I like the style.

3 targets for my next draft:

  • Fill in the space.
  • Make it a bit more disco.
  • Make the writing clearer.
  • Make editors welcome wider.
  • Sort out Millie’s polaroid so it has no background.

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