A New Improved Complete Magazine Draft

Here is my complete draft of my music magazine.

All in all, I really like my magazine as it brings a modern twist on disco which before was quite out-dated. There is nothing like this on the market so I think my magazine is very unique and original.

Front Cover: For my front cover, I chose a colour palette of hot pinks, purples and cyan blue. I used a dark blue to do the important sub titles like the “win” and “world exclusive” and “exclusive interviews” to catch the audiences attention. This also, in turn brings out the colour of Millie’s eyes. I took the colour palette from Millie’s nails, so it is all coordinated. My masthead pops out of the backdrop as it has a pink shadow which I created and my stand first is relevant to the monthly issues of my magazine. I included a polaroid so there is something that ties all three pages together. Every time there is an insert I have done it polaroid style showing a continuation and that style will appeal to my target audience.

Contents Page: For my contents page, I went through a variety of different layouts before settling with this one. I like it because it is simple but effective, the pink strip down the side separates the words from the pictures making them clear and the reader knowing where to look. I chose a sophisticated font for the title of my contents page to make disco a bit more modern. I then changed the end into black giving it a more sleek and refined look. I chose that particular picture of Millie because her arm frames the text perfectly making it look like she was always there. I (yet again) added extra polaroids for my features to bring the audiences attention to my main articles. I used a script style font for my editors welcome so it feels personalised for the reader and unique.

Double Page Spread: I chose that picture because I though it worked well as a double page spread picture as Darien’s hand goes over the pages bringing them together. I decided to do a polaroid strip because I had lots of other pictures that I wanted to include and I thought a strip like that would work well. This also links it to my contents page and front cover along with a similar colour scheme. I decided to do a top 10 songs article because I thought it would show understanding of my genre and be interesting for the reader. By putting the songs in a different colour, it makes them stand out and when my audience are flicking through it acts as an overview.

Here is a flipsnack of my magazine:

What went well: I really like my double page spread. It is sophisticated and simple. I really feel like I have modernized disco with this design.

Even better if: I changed my contents page title font so it tied in a bit more with the rest of the magazine. I should have also got my models for my double page spread shoot to make their hair more curly as then it would be more conventional. However, you could argue that ‘Club Disco’ are trying to break conventions anyway so it could be seen as ok.

What has changed: There are lots of things that have changed, the main thing being my contents page layout. I changed this numerous times and finally settled on this one which I really like. I have also added in polaroids to every page so all the inserts tie in together.

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