Here are my two adverts that will feature in my magazine.

Audience: a collection of people for a particular genre. Stuart Hall argued that an audience decodes the messages that a producer puts in place in a piece of media through his reception theory. So, the job of the audience is to decode what the producers put in place.

When I found out I needed to create adverts for my magazine, I looked back at my audience demographics and psychographics to find out what kind of things my audience would be interested in. I also looked back at the dating profile I created. My audience is generally generation x and baby boomers so I tried to target these kind of people. So, my audience are still young and vibrant but they probably play it safe rather than being rebellious.

I think these adverts fit my target audience because my audience are the kind of people who like to have a good time and go out dancing but are probably a bit more fresh and not rebellious so I think these fit that brief.

I chose this advert because my audience like to go out and have a good time and an open dance studio seemed a good fit. I also like how the orange juxtaposes the pink on the opposite page.

I chose this advert because everyone loves a soft drink. Since my audience are not very rebellious, I thought a soft drink advert would be a good choice. It talks about having a “master plan.” I think this works with my genre because disco is all about having fun so this advert just stops and makes you think for a minute. The drink splashing out also makes a statement. It suggests you are breaking the mould and letting loose. That is exactly what my magazine is all about.

I think both adverts, but especially the dance studio one, fit with my genre because my genre is all about people going out and having a good time and that is the connotations of both adverts. Making the most of everyday, enjoying life and knowing what you love.

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