Test Shoots

Here is a test shoot we did to practice the performance side of our music video. We used the white studio which is where we are actually going to shoot part of the video so that creates a more realistic trial run.

Here are the lyrics we used:

“We’re running, night running.
Straighter than an arrow,
Taken by a chance from a bow.
We’re running, night running.
Faster than our shadows,
Going where we wanna go.”

The shots we wanted to get were:

  • Extreme close up.
  • Wide angle or long shot.
  • Low angle shot.
  • Close up.
  • Mid shot.
  • Pan.
  • Aerial or crane.
  • Zoom in or zoom out.

All of these we shot, but we only put the best ones in as some were out of focus etc. This has made us learn that we need to shoot every shot more than once so we have a perfect shot from every angle so we can use everything we want to.

Originally, we wanted to put coloured gels over the camera for the performance however we could not get them to work so we just had to film it normally. However, for the real performance, we will use coloured gel overlays to make the video a bit different and creative.

In this music video by Emeli Sande, you can see how the coloured gels work to make the screen a different colour. I think they really enhance the performance and make a simple shot a lot more effective.

Personally, I’m not very happy with our test shoot. I feel like we didn’t really harness the performance aspect of it and it was very stilted. If this was in my music video, I wouldn’t be very happy because we didn’t edit to the beat enough and the various angles were on for too long so the audience would get bored. I think that we should have gone back and forward between shots and done less shots for long periods of time and more shots for shorter periods. Furthermore, I do not think this would make a very convincing music video because it is just a bit plain and simple. I think it needs a bolder setting so it is more interesting for the audience.

What went well:

  • We used a variety of different angles.
  • We used a variety of different shots.
  • We were organised so we could get the footage we wanted.

Even better if:

  • Our pan shot is a bit stilted.
  • The framing could be better on the close up from the side.
  • We could have used more effects and filters.
  • We could have faded the final shot out so it was more soft.
  • Done a bigger variety of shots.

Targets from our first shoot:

  • Make filming track and pan shots smoother, maybe edit them in afterwards?
  • Frame the camera better before we started.
  • During editing, really think about the image we want to portray to the audience.

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