Production Meeting for Shoot 2 (Performance)

Here is our production meeting agenda for our second shoot which will be in the white studio. We plan to shoot a variety of shots of our model with natural mise-en-scene with a bold twist using gel overlays on the lights.

On this document, you can see decisions made about costumes, lighting, make up, props and technical equipment as well as who is responsible.

Here is a plan we made for shoot 2. It is important to create a plan because it helps you to know what you are doing when so you do not waste any studio time. This has really enabled us to move smoothly when creating our music video as everyone knows what they are doing and when to do it. It also helps the model to know her role to play in the shoot.

Aims for the shoot:

  • To get a good performance of the song with a wide variety of shots.
  • For the mise-en-scene and the performance to complement each other.
  • To get good footage to use in our music video.
  • For our artist to portray the lyrics of the song in an artistic and engaging way.

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