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Here is a moodboard of our star’s image. Our star is Millie Turner.

We looked at the way Millie presented herself in a variety of ways. For example, through album covers, interviews and through social media. From this, we established that she is very naturalistic as all her images are in natural settings outside. This has really helped us to create our music video as we need to try and give those vibes when we create our music video. This really proves to me that we have the right concept for our music video.

Please click on the picture to see the whole moodboard.

Star image is such an important aspect when you create a music video because it encourages the audience to form opinions when they watch a music video. Blumler and Katz theory of why an audience consume media (because of personal identity, entertainment, information and social interaction) really highlights the fact that an audience consume media for a variety of reasons. This reaffirms why star image is such an important aspect because it gives the audience something to aspire to as it gives them a sense of personal identity having consumed that music video. Consuming a video for entertainment will give the audience a diversion and take their mind off everything that is happening in their lives and seeing a clear star image will help with that diversion. Star image is also important with social interaction because it provokes conversation within the audience and helps bonds to form within a virtual or online community.

Furthermore, Richard Dyer has a theory of paradox of the star. He suggests that a stars meta-narrative impacts the consumption of media from the audience. He believed that star image is manufactured and fake, and this leads to a star being like a brand. It is all an act to gain their own unique selling point. This shows how important star image is when creating a music video because as Dyer states, it is what sells an artist to the audience. The paradox of the star theory basically states “…a star is both ordinary & extraordinary.” This means that while they seem reachable to the audience, for example, they brush their teeth, eat food etc; they are also unreachable as they are special and unique and out of the audiences reach.

Reflection: This task has really helped me to engage with the artist more so I know what her genre is like and how to convey it in the best possible way in a music video. I really enjoyed doing this task because it really made me reflect on the music video we are creating and how we were going to do it.

This will help me with my music video because I am now aware of my star’s image and how to portray my star. This will help me to create a realistic music video that portrays my star image in an engaging way.

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