Shoot 1 Reflection (Performance)

So on the 1st July we did our first music video shoot of the performance. We took 45 minutes to set up and get our model ready for shooting and then we did two sessions of shooting, each for about 30 minutes.

Firstly, we filmed lots of close-up shots with the make-up and dry hair to really focus on the make-up and make it the focus of the shots. We then did some extreme close-ups with her hair wet and pushed back to add a bit for variety and so the hair would not detract from the face.

Overall, I think our shoot went well because our model knew all the words to the song which made the process a lot quicker and easier. It also helped that we had a plan so we knew exactly what we were doing when. This really helped us to remain organised and get the shots we wanted.

So, for the actual filming process we filmed the whole song for every angle and shot. This really helped us to get a wide variety of footage so when it comes to editing, we have plenty of choice. It also allows us to make a couple of mistakes so even if some footage is bad, we still have enough left over for our music video.

The more we filmed, the more relaxed our model got which really helped us to get the best footage we wanted. However, we will still do a second shoot with the make-up because we would like to do the same make-up on the other side of the face. We would also like to make the make-up a bit cleaner and sharper as this time it went a bit in the hair which makes it look unprofessional and bad. Next time, we would also like to do more extreme/big close-ups as when we did it this time, they were not properly in focus or we did not have the right angle. This has really taught us the importance of checking your footage while you are on the shoot.

Targets for next shoot:

  • Make the make-up a bit cleaner so it looks sharper.
  • Go early to set up so we can start straight away.
  • Make the model feel relaxed so they feel comfortable performing.

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